Varta share: patiently waiting for new impulses … – chart analysis

Most recently, the Varta share was unable to avoid further consolidation in the chart. The battery group’s share price had previously risen from the Corona crash low at EUR 50.50 to EUR 108.90. Here the Varta share failed due to the resistance area by 108.80 / 110.80 euros and fell back again. As in mid-June, the company’s share certificate gained a foothold just above the 50-day line. And so support for Varta’s share price has increased in the last few days by 94.30 / 96.20 euros.

After a first attempt to break out of the Varta share from this consolidation, which ended on July 15 at EUR 103.90, things have slowed down again in recent days. In terms of charts, the new support zone remained in the spotlight, so far there has been no further attempt at a serious downward movement. However, the support zone was also not in greater danger than might have been expected after the failed attempt to break out of the Varta share. Instead, a sideways movement has shaped the past few days and today’s trade without much momentum.

One waits for new impulses for the Varta share on the stock exchange. Technically, the corresponding signal zones can be seen around 94.30 / 96.20 euros and below 103.90 euros. If there were a break, other chart-technical signal marks would be on hand on both sides with 108.80 / 110.80 euros and 89.20 / 90.90 euros.


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