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He owes nothing to anyone, and he intends to dominate the cryptosphere for quite a while, with his exchange. Binance has just forged a new partnership, a further step in achieving the ambitions of its CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

Entrance of the actors

In a statement posted on the company’s blog, Binance revealed the conclusion of a partnership with the German investment company CM Equity. Minute Pub : Binance is a renowned player in the cryptosphere, considered the leading exchange in the market with a wide range of financial products and services, which make it the largest digital asset trading platform in terms of volume.

CM Equity is a major German investment fund which has the approval of the German Financial Supervising Authority (BaFin), for the operation of brokerage and trading services for own account: its CEO, Michael kott, is very satisfied with this collaboration which will allow millions of customers to benefit from the blockchain infrastructure of Binance.

Binance, a growing giant

This partnership should make crypto investments even more accessible to Europeans : this collaboration allows a portfolio of assets to be entrusted to experienced traders, similar to what hedge funds offer traditional investors.

Details regarding the financial products that will be developed for the European market by the 2 parties have not yet been revealed.

Binance continues its expansion strategy: Binance recently announced a partnership with Etana custody, a crypto-asset deposit and management platform, which allows users to deposit their funds in 15 different types of currencies.

Binance also acquired the credit card provider Swipe, as part of an agreement that will allow the exchange to issue its own crypto-card into theEuropean Economic Area.


How far will Binance go? Can we set one or more limits to its development, to CZ’s ambitions? Binance: the Wall Street of cryptocurrencies – I don’t know if the slogan would appeal to CZ but, it’s kind of like that. The fate of giants like Binance is tied to that of cryptos and vice versa: good or bad news for crypto traders and investors?


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