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COSMOS (ATOM) is one of the crypto projects to watch closely. Operating close to the Top20 of the MarketCap, with a capitalization of over 700 million dollars, it is above all for its ambition that COSMOS deserves to be better known. Being part of the movement of “structuring” crypto projects, COSMOS and its ATOM token pushes to guarantee the interoperability of existing and future networks, allowing the truly operational emergence of a global crypto-Internet that will make the borderless peer-to-peer value exchange as simple and ergonomic as sending an email in 2020.

In parallel with these noble ambitions, on which the multidisciplinary COSMOS team works every day, the project is already offering its community and holders of ATOM tokens the possibility of placing them in a staking system, in order to ” to receive dividends of 8% per year. Discover today, both COSMOS in all its amplitude, but also the device that will allow you in a few moments to benefit from its staking.

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

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As large as COSMOS

The times are converging. If the crypto and blockchain sectors are bubbling with innovations and new projects appear every day, a very Darwinian principle is beginning to make itself felt: only the most promising, best-born young shoots remain and grow from now on, or even, those whose purpose and to allow more interconnection, synergies, between the various already existing actors.

The project COSMOS (and its token ATOM) is part of this latest movement and its ambition is not limited to offering yet another utility token, or a new loyalty card, disguised in crypto sauce. What COSMOS is planning is nothing less than creating the conditions for the emergence of a “Internet of Blockchain”, in other words, a decentralized network allowing perfect interoperability between existing projects within the framework of the exchange of information, but above all of value.

Discover the COSMOS project and the ATOM token

It was in 2014 that the COSMOS project took shape, with the initiator Jae Kwon, still at the head of the Foundation Interchain which coordinates the ecosystem. Quickly he meets Ethan Buchman with which he is quick to conceptualize and create the network Tendermint, a new kind of protocol, hybrid of Blockchain proof of stake, flexible and tolerant of BFT (for Byzantine Fault Tolerant).

Shortly afterwards, the COSMOS network was deployed on Tendermint. From the outset, and still today, the Tendermint protocol was designed to accommodate all kinds of applications and to make other protocols work. Among the applications forged on Tendermint, we find some well-known ecosystem services such as the architecture allowing the decentralized exchange platform Binance Dex to work.

Thus, we must see COSMOS, the ATOM token, the Tendermint architecture and all the satellite functions as a coherent and sophisticated whole whose purpose is simple: to allow the operation and interoperability of any blockchain – including Bitcoin or Ethereum – in the same environment. This tour de force is made possible through a module operation (SDK, governance, Inter-Blockchain Communication, Fees and Rewards …) whose settings are possible to infinity.

At this stage, we understand the “Cosmic” image used to describe the whole work. A “Zone” system makes it possible to provide the necessary junctions and gateways between the Cosmos Hub and any other blockchain, working with any other protocol

COSMOS Staking on the Feel Mining site

Recently, the Grenoble company Feel Mining took everyone by surprise by revealingt a splendid version 2.0 of his site. The transformation was not just cosmetic because if the new bodywork is imposing, it is on the engine side that the team has devoted its energy, creativity and innate sense of ergonomics andclient experience. As such, besides the now well-known services of bitcoin cloud mining, of masternodes or sale and hosting of Bitcoin miners, Feel Mining has enriched its panel of offers related to cryptocurrency staking.

What is staking?

Not only is this a great question, but more importantly asking yourself about the topic demonstrates your interest in the new investment mechanics offered by the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

If you like things simple, ESPECIALLY DO NOT go through the next 2 chapters. Stick to this definition of staking before continuing your reading below the dashing blue pig that proudly adorns the next third of the article:

Easy definition of staking: to place X capital of cryptocurrency will allow you to obtain an X dividend in said cryptocurrency at a rate known in advance. It’s that simple and most of all, it’s the one thing you basically need to have in mind.

You are still here ? Don’t come and say you weren’t warned. In reality, the subject is much less straightforward than it looks (yes, I lied, what are you going to do?).

Stake or die

To begin with, there is no fully satisfactory translation for the term “staking“Yet it has become so common in the industry that hardly anyone questions it anymore.

We will sometimes cross the French terms “d”stake”Or“bet“, Which can give the impression that we are talking about an amount that is” bet “(and that it is therefore possible to lose, which is fundamentally wrong). And yet, it should be noted that blockchain networks operating on staking systems are said to be “Proof of Stake“, A generic title itself most often translated as” proof of stake “.

Sometimes you will even find the translation of “staking“, Which – cthis is just my opinion as a Sunday linguist – really has nothing to do with the subject anymore, although it is most often the symptom of a bad machine translation of Anglo-Saxon documentation.

It’s ultimately more on the side of the finance-specific vocabulary that we will find something more satisfying. Indeed, the term equity stake means “Equity participation”. In the end, this is probably the best translation: staking, the action of “cryptocurrency staker“, this is “participate”To its operation.


Staking, different from Masternode (or not)

Still not migraine? And if I start to explain to you that staking is considered very different from masternode, BUT that some masternode projects offer to “Staker” their tokens… in masternodes, you might start to see cloudy.

Without even talking about the liquidity crypto assets (the ease with which you can manipulate, place or remove them from a device): the masternode is deemed to be less liquid, more complicated than staking …. and yet there are sometimes locking conditions within the framework staking (which is also the case with COSMOS which we are talking about today, see below).

In other words, for some fundamental rules there are many exceptions, according to the technologies and the chosen consensus.

By the way, this is one of the reasons you will regularly read the same advice on Cryptocurrencies: Do your own research! Crypto topics are exciting, but sometimes complex. In the operation we talk about your finances, it is therefore essential that you take the time to document and inform yourself.

And here we are already at the atomic pig, which is perfectly fitting since it is time to talk concretely about token staking ATOM.

Staking for Dummies

Now that you’re a little more comfortable with understanding the terminology, let’s talk about more concrete things. A cryptocurrency staking action will therefore see you placing a certain number of units of the currency in a virtual wallet, or wallet. As long as these currencies remain in the portfolio, they generate dividends, themselves transferred to the wallet. If you remove this capital, the device stops. If you put the crypto back, it snaps back into place. This is probably the the simplest device available to recover interest on a crypto investment, without having to go into the complexity of the Decentralized Finance, perhaps more lucrative but infinitely more difficult to understand for the uninitiated.

Very often, it is possible to set up a staking device yourself. Some exchange platforms or brokers (sites where you can buy cryptocurrency) such as Binance or Coinbase also offer this service, although the counterpart is often a high commission. The operation can therefore be relatively complex, and finally less profitable provided that.

For these two reasons, why not call on a specialist company that will take care of the entire technical part of the operations, in return for minimal costs? Once again, the question is quickly answered : Feel Mining takes care of everything for you!

2 Ways to proceed with the staking of COSMOS on Feel Mining

Now that you know where you are going, know that Feel Mining offers different options, depending on whether you already have ATOM tokens or whether you wish to acquire them on the site.

Option 1: you do not have an ATOM token

This is for the momentsimplest option, to the extent that you go to the site to be able to acquire ATOMs, which will be immediately placed in staking position, generating dividends just as immediately.

Start by selecting the number of ATOMs you wish to acquire. In this example, a little more than 1000 euros invested allow you to take possession of 300 ATOM

note in passing that you will immediately have an (indicative) estimate of both the number of ATOMs you will generate over a year and the equivalent of their value in euros.

Warning : the equivalent in euros must be considered with precaution, fluctuations in the price of crypto currencies being commonplace. Refer especially to the number of ATOM tokens obtained in dividends, in this case just over 24, in accordance with the interest rates of 8% offered by this particular staking.

Option 2: you already have ATOM tokens

You may already have ATOM tokens. No one judges you, you have the right to have had a life before reading these few lines. Feel Mining has thought of everything and provides you with a recovery service for your assets, so that these are integrated into the company’s staking system.

In this case, it will be necessary to select the option “I already have tokens “ which will allow you to access a dedicated process where the deposit address and instructions will be communicated to you. After receiving the funds, your staking contract will be activated, and your dividends will be transferred to your dashboard. Of course, your token deposit will be recoverable at any time.

As mentioned above, it should finally be noted that ATOM tokens placed in staking are not recoverable for 21 days, in accordance with the rules of the governance protocol.

Atomic conclusion

The COSMOS project and the ATOM tokens perhaps embody one of the blockchain dynamics with the most future, a future where the challenge will be more to create structural coherence than to enter a race for innovation that is sometimes in vain and artificial. For this reason alone, COSMOS deserves to be better known. From an investor’s point of view, the solidity and simplicity of its model as well as an honorable rate of return amply deserve to be integrated into a crypto portfolio in a logic of diversification.

To finish in teasing mode, Feel Mining will very soon expand its staking offer in September. In addition, if a project caught your eye, do not hesitate to come spam the site’s suggestion box

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