Incredible series of copper-silver discoveries

Copper and silver are increasingly becoming the future metals par excellence! This company will be able to supply these metals in large quantities in the future, as the latest press releases show!

‘Tsenken’ is only part of the ‘Lost Cities-Cutucu’ project in southern Ecuador, which is huge, and which the Canadian explorer Aurania Resources Ltd. (ISIN: BMG069741020 / TSX-V: ARU) has already brought many positive exploration successes to several parts of the project. Now the project part ‘Tsenken’ is in the focus of the explorations, where after magnetic flyover measurements the field work with the taking of soil samples was started on the two promising places ‘Tsenken N1’ and ‘Tsenken A’.

The first section, ‘Tsenken N1’, from which the samples were evaluated, already brought sensational results with up to 7.1% copper and 55 g / t silver! These spectacular results clearly exceeded the already high expectations of the management!

Source: Aurania Resources

These extremely high-grade copper-silver components were found on a previously recognized area of ​​500 mx 400 m in breccia rocks from the rock outcrops on the surface. And surprisingly not only in rock fragments themselves, but finely distributed over the entire area. From this, the geologists conclude that the entire breccia area is to be regarded as a target area and must be prepared for drilling.

Given these results, it is not surprising that Dr. Keith Barron excited about the quality of the samples and the size of the mineralized area. He thinks that ‘Tsenken N1’ is relatively easy to explore further and announces exploration drilling with an ‘ultra-light weight’ drill that will start immediately after the pre-programmed drilling operations on ‘Tsenken N2’ and ‘Tsenken N3’. Mineralization of copper and silver without other metals is also surprising for him, since this normally hardly ever occurs. In his opinion, the fact that mineralization occurs not only in breccia areas, but also in sediments and intrusive rocks, speaks for ‘Tsenken’ in general, which indicates that the chances of further great finds are extremely high.

But that’s not all, the results of ‘Tsenken A’ came just a few days later, which caused the next success bomb to go off. While the samples on ‘Tsenken N1’ were sensational, the results of ‘Tsenken A’ top it all off on.

Samples with up to 10.4% copper and 131g / t silver are sensational and let you slowly imagine what a world-class deposit can develop on this part of the project!

Source: Aurania Resources

It was not only the CEO Dr. Keith Barron is enthusiastic, and the laboratory results were surprisingly good for geologist Professor Gregor Borg, who specializes in sedimentary copper deposits. So far, sediment layers with copper and silver have never been found in absolute proximity to porphyry formations. Regionally, copper-silver deposits had already been found in the sediment layers along the 23 km long zone, with numerous fossil plants in the rocks of the fold indicating metal-containing currents from below.

In many geological scenarios, such conditions offer the thickest and highest grade layers. Which of course makes ‘Tsenken’ one of the most attractive project goals in general. Of course, exploration wells are now also planned for this part of the project, which is only about 2 km away from ‘Tsenken N1’, but, according to the drilling plan for 2020, will only be started in the third quarter of 2020.

With the excellent degrees already showing the samples, it is no wonder that the management is striving for rapid further development with additional magnetic measurements, mapping and exploration drilling in order to better understand the geological potential of this super project as quickly as possible. Of course, this means that Aurania Resources shareholders can still look forward to a lot of top news in the second half of the year, which can be expected from further exploration of ‘Tsenken’.

In this context we would like to offer you the highly recommended video interview with President Dr. Recommend Spencer that he managed with Proactive Investor. In this interview, he explained the peculiarities of ‘Tsenken’ very informatively, and also talked about gold exploration. The video can be viewed here:

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