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A week ago, Chainlink was the subject of a disinformation campaign initiated by Zeus, an alleged asset management company. The latter indeed published a report of nearly 60 pages in which it explained that the cryptocurrency was going to fall from $ 7.95 to $ 0.07. While accusing the team behind Chainlink of market manipulation, the company said it had taken a short position aimed at bringing the price of Chainlink down by 99%. This strategy, which resembles a strategy of generating FUD (irrational fear of the market on an asset) has since been attributed to the company Nexo. The latter is indeed accused by the twittosphere of being behind the dubious asset management company.

What is the link between Nexo and Zeus

Some users of Twitter loaded to establish the link between the two companies not hesitating to publish screenshots as proof. These relate to the source codes of the websites of Nexo Finance and Zeus which would present similarities. Indeed, by observing the screenshots, we realize that the source code of the Zeus site contained several examples of Typeform links that can be found on the Nexo website. The company notably uses the service Typeform on its site to facilitate the subscription of its users to its newsletter.

The second proof provided implies Simeon Rusanov who is none other than the head of digital asset research at Nexo. A hyperlink appearing in the contents of the controversial report of Zeus seems lead to a local folder with the name Simeon mentioned. If that seems insufficient to accuse Mr. Russanov to be at the origin of this report, he was nevertheless singled out as was his employer. Deleting the account Twitter the man, who probably wanted to avoid harassment, threw oil on the fire about his alleged participation in the masquerade.

Tweet incriminating Nexo

Nexo denies any involvement with Zeus and its report

Of course, Nexo Finance did not fail to react to the accusations leveled against her on Twitter by providing a denial from her channel Telegram. If she recognizes that the Typeform link is hers, she says her team has used it several times in marketing campaigns. It was therefore easily accessible and could have be used by anyone. The company thus denounces an attempt to undermine the good understanding and collaboration it maintains with Chainlink. In addition, it would bea false flag operation to try to link their society to this plot. She also took the opportunity to ask Twitter users involved in this investigation to stop the actions against Mr. Rusanov.


The evidence provided on Twitter is indeed light to state with certainty that Nexo wanted to harm Chainlink through Zeus In good faith, Antoni Tranchev –the co-founder of Nexo– said his company would hire professionals to unmask the people behind the case.


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