Lufthansa share: Woe, this chart zone doesn’t hold … – Chart analysis

Technical stalemate at Lufthansa: Although the share price of the MDAX-listed company is currently not making any headway, little has been going on for days. Significant chart support for Lufthansa’s share price is emerging, which is increasing above EUR 8.41 and has prevented further price losses since the end of June. With a daily low of EUR 8.47, the zone was in focus again yesterday, but Lufthansa was able to stabilize here again and went out of business at EUR 8.59 (-0.07 percent), significantly above the daily low.

While the zone 8.41 / 8.52 euros has thus become the short-term important signal mark for the share price of the aviation group, the upper limits of the current sideways movement have not been in focus in recent days. Another important bullish trigger zone is 9.22 / 9.40 euros. So far this week the Lufthansa share has peaked at a maximum of EUR 8.74, so that no further break attempts were made at this brand.

It stays that way for the time being: At the zone of EUR 8.41 / 8.52, the Lufthansa share stabilized at the end of June / mid-July. This is now showing technical support. In the event of a break, there would be smaller supports between the € 8 mark and € 8.25, in whose upper region the lower Bollinger band (€ 8.279) is currently also located. If it comes thick, the aviation title can also dive again to the potential ground at the core zone at 7.02 / 7.12 euros. Only a rise back over the chart technical obstacle at 9.22 / 9.40 euros relieves the pressure on the share price of the group.


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