Jungheinrich: A big surprise

Yesterday evening, Jungheinrich published a new forecast for 2020 and published figures for the second quarter. The experts at Deutsche Bank take both very positively. You speak of a big surprise. The consensus on operating EBIT for the year as a whole is clearly exceeded with the new forecast. There should be an upward movement in the market here. Jungheinrich apparently has a better grip on costs.

The analysts confirm the buy recommendation for Jungheinrich shares. The target price for the papers was previously 20.00 euros. In the new study, it rises to EUR 28.00. That is an increase of 40 percent.

In the long term, Jungheinrich could become one of the winners of the crisis. The demand in the area of ​​e-commerce will increase, which is also positive for Jungheinrich’s business.

The experts therefore significantly increase their expectations of the result, which is also made possible by the new price target.

Jungheinrich’s shares are now up 14.4 percent to EUR 26.28. The market seems to like the new prospects very well.


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