Hypoport: growth story is intact

Hypoport’s second quarter figures are partly below expectations. Sales increased by 13 percent to 88.8 million euros. However, Pareto Securities analysts had expected EUR 96.0 million. EBIT dropped by 16 percent to 6.6 million euros. The forecast here was 7.8 million euros. But you shouldn’t worry too much about that. The lockdown has left its mark.

Hypoport does not make any changes to the annual forecast. That’s a good sign. Sales of 400 million euros to 440 million euros are expected. EBIT is expected to be between EUR 35 million and EUR 40 million. The analysts believe these goals are possible if the market continues to normalize. The second half of the year must therefore go well.

The experts believe an EBIT of 37.3 million euros is likely. The consensus is 37.1 million euros.

As before, the experts issue a buy recommendation for Hypoport shares. The target price remains unchanged at EUR 400.00.

From the analysts’ point of view, the growth story at Hypoport remains intact. The lockdown has accelerated digitalization in the banking and insurance industries. This can be positive for Hypoport’s business in the medium term.

Hypoport’s shares are now down 4.9 percent to EUR 410.00.

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