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In accordance with what is becoming a habit, the company VeraOne, a subsidiary of the group specializing in the sale of gold to individuals is increasing its initiatives and partnerships. After its listing on Ledger – as much because of the intrinsic qualities of the project as thanks to an enthusiastic community – It was with French-ICO that VeraOne came to an agreement in order to bring together energies. Discover a golden association!


Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Vera One. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

Glimpse Tomorrow’s Investment World Behind Today’s Hype

The future of Finance and investment will not be conditioned by some kind of frenzied innovation race, with each new economic “disruption” supposed to make the previous one obsolete at a delirious rate.

All other things being equal, we actually have Bitcoin and the blockchain all the fundamentals at our disposal for over 10 years to forge the new models of tomorrow. And all the sophistication of the new devices of “Decentralized Finance”(DeFi), the sophisticated mechanics of the new types of smart contracts should not make us forget the essential: tomorrow also and above all belongs to those who will be able to building bridges between the “old” and the “New” financial world.

No – and even Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, who would be more than anyone legitimate to think so – crypto currencies will not make fiat currencies disappear.

Bitcoin is also not going to sign the disappearance of banks. Our children will continue to handle fiat money, although it is likely that its nature too will be impacted by the increasing and inevitable digitization of all asset classes. From this point of view, the movement of funds triggered by the emergence of Bitcoin at the end of the 2010s is already unstoppable and if its consequences are still difficult to anticipate, it is already certain that they will be historic.

And historical, in reality, they already are: “private currencies” fantasized by the all-powerful GAFAM who intend not to stop there, to the emergence of worrying “state cryptocurrencies”, including the most totalitarian ones, the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto initiated a butterfly effect that will ultimately impact in one way or another every individual across the world.

Beyond these global considerations, which remind us that the world is constantly changing, it is sometimes interesting to come back to the concrete. But in the readily bubbling crypto ecosystem, it is sometimes difficult to sort between the essential and the accessory, the “gadget” before only intended to fuel a form of irrational speculation, of what constitutes the solid bases of a new system.

As such, it is essential to learn to discern the actors who carry within them the mark of the builders. Those who seek to create links between concepts, individuals and eras, well aware that the world is not binary, and that a new order never replaces a new one, but feeds on it to generate new chemistry.

And alchemy is all about today, with the marriage of gold and blockchain technologies. Indeed, French ICO and VeraOne, two French nuggets of the crypto ecosystem that our readers are starting to know well, have recently converged. And that’s great news, this alliance embodies a common desire to create meaning and build bridges.

VeraOne and French-ICO, bridge builders

FrenchICO has already had the opportunity to be mentioned in our columns, on the occasion of a chapter of Adopt a Crypto Project.


French ICO - France ready for Season 2 fundraising ...

It will be recalled that French ICO’s ambition is both high and simple: to demonstrate that in 2020, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model remains relevant. This digital currency fundraiser was immensely popular in 2017. A craze as we will attribute to it a posteriori the formation of a large speculative bubble whose explosion will be such that someone will have to be quickly found … ICOs will then act as the perfect scapegoat. It will take nearly two years, the passage of regulators and a return of the industry to healthier fundamentals for the obvious not to impose itself: greed and thirst for speculation were the real people responsible for the berezina of 2017, surely not the ICOs whose financial and technological relevance only required a little more maturity of the environment to flourish.

French-ICO, French-style crypto fundraising

Thus, the French company French-ICO was founded with the idea of ​​offering a framework, expertise and adapted tools so that national companies are able to organize on the platform thus created, fundraising operations. funds and issuance of tokens.

To do this, French ICO has chosen the complex path of perfect compliance, an approach crowned by the granting of the first optional VISA by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the stock market gendarme. By the way, the token FICO was issued on the occasion of French-ICO’s own fundraising event in June 2020.

Thus, the French-ICO platform is currently fully operational, able to accommodate projects wishing to organize their own ICOs in a secure environment perfectly suited to these operations. Thus, institutions and individuals are able to participate in fundraising using several currencies:Ethereum (ETH), stablecoins DAI and Tether (USDT), and more unprecedentedly, another stablecoin, the VRO, the famous French cryptocurrency backed by physical gold!

A new option that is welcomed Christophe Gauthier, boss of French-ICO:

“Our desire is to democratize ICOs by offering investors and project leaders all the advantages of our network of partners well involved in the French Blockchain ecosystem. We want ICOs to regain investor confidence and for the first time our new smart contract allows fundraising not only in ETH but with any ERC20. The 100% French VeraOne ERC20 token is, in fact, obvious that for the first time in the world it is possible to raise funds with a token indexed to gold. “

The VRO token to the rescue of ICOs

The VRO token, owned by a growing community is a stablecoin, not backed by a fiat currency (as USDT), or other crypto assets (such as DAI), but whose collateral (the guarantee) consists of physical gold according to a simple formula: 1 VRO = 1 gram of gold.

In other words, holding a certain number of VROs is the very concrete and direct possession of a quantity of physical gold, stored on your behalf by the VeraOne Company.

Note that VeraOne is regularly audited and is a branch of the well-known group of gold buyers, a company that is over a decade old and particularly respected in the industry.

AuCOFFRE Group. com, on which VeraOne depends

In other words, not only is the VRO of a great formal and technological reliability, allowing to invest in the blink of an eye in physical gold, but in an almost counter-intuitive way, this crypto currency also demonstrates with its partnership with French-ICO, all the liquidity it is capable of. In doing so, the VRO stablecoin demonstrates an amazing ability to synthesize investment heritage par excellence (it is difficult to make less liquid than physical gold), and a means of payment ergonomic and almost immediate.

In fine, by choosing to enter into a partnership with French-ICO, VeraOne continues to multiply the gateways with other major crypto players on the national scene. We quoted a little higher Ledger, we will also recall the recent convergence with Bitcoin and crypto mining specialists of Just mining. Two demonstrations that materialize the dynamism of the project and VeraOne’s ambition to weave a golden network and to make the VRO a truly “utilitarian” token, in its most authentic sense.



The convergence of VeraOne and French-ICO now allows investors to concretely invest in crypto fundraising, from their physical gold assets. Financial and technological performance commands respect, especially as it will be recalled that the operation is carried out in an environment intended to be as compliant as possible with existing frameworks. Add to this that these operations are made possible thanks to the joint efforts of two players in the French ecosystem, and you get the kind of formula that we would like to see multiply in the future to boost the national industry.

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