Hornbach: share is graded

Hornbach can benefit from the pandemic. Many consumers go to the home and garden markets to beautify their home. Sales at Honrbach rose in the first quarter by 18 percent to EUR 1.58 billion. Adjusted EBIT improved by 78 percent to EUR 173 million. The good demand situation is likely to continue. Hornbach should benefit from this above average.

The holding company is expected to generate sales at the previous year’s level (4.73 billion euros). Adjusted EBIT is expected to be slightly below the previous year’s figure (EUR 227 million). However, a new, higher forecast is very likely.

The experts at DZ Bank regard turnover of 4.94 billion euros as realistic. The consensus stands at 4.9 billion euros. Adjusted EBIT is expected to rise to 238 million euros, the consensus here is 226 million euros.

So far, the analysts have issued a buy recommendation for Honrbach shares. The target price was EUR 85.00. This course goal is confirmed in today’s study. The new rating is “hold”.

The course of the holding company has clearly risen recently. It is close to the target price, which leads to gradation. Today, Hornbach Holding’s share fell 1.1 percent to EUR 83.50.

At a glance – chart and news: Hornbach-Holding


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