Spar mini continues on tour

With this first 1-person shop in the Netherlands, Spar can quickly and easily provide holidaymakers and day-trippers in the recreation area with tasty and healthy food and drinks.

‘Spar will continue this summer in personal convenience and local involvement. Because with this Spar mini we now also provide consumers with a quick breakfast, tasty lunch, healthy snack or easy meal at Strand Nulde ‘, says the retailer.

Kick-off of the summer campaign
The ‘Spar mini’ is part of the summer campaign that Spar started on July 13, 2020 on TV, online and in the store. Ceo John van der Ent: ‘Spar is the only shop that you as a Dutch tourist come across all over the world. We are truly unique in this! Because who didn’t shop at Spar during his holiday in Austria, Spain or Thailand? But this summer we will remain in our own country en masse. And so also in our own Spar. ‘

That is why, according to Van Der Ent, Spar is launching a new campaign, aimed at those who stay at home, day trippers and holidaymakers: ‘Because Spar is relevant in this summer period. Whether you drive past Spar express for epar city or just end a nice lazy day at the beach with an easy meal of Spar enjoy. ‘

1-person shop for 1.5-meter society
With the on-tour 1-person shop, Spar also responds to the new normal, according to Van Der Ent: ‘There is only one of us outside who takes care of the supply and the door policy. Because only one person can shop inside at a time. Checkout is also fast, convenient and corona proof with the self-scan checkout. So we are completely ready for the 1.5-meter society. ”

Consumers receive a free ice cream on presentation of the “bottle mail”, which is distributed by Spar employees. On the back of the bottle post is a voucher with which they can pick up free orange juice and two croissants on display at a Spar store nearby.

About Spar
Spar Holding is located in Waalwijk and is the brand owner of the neighborhood store formula Spar in the Netherlands. In total, this concerns more than 300 stores that are run by independent entrepreneurs. Spar Holding is affiliated with the Superunie purchasing organization. Spar is the shop for everyday convenience and creates involvement in the neighborhood. Founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by Adriaan van Well. With over 13,000 stores in 48 countries, Spar is one of the largest food retailers in the world. In the Netherlands, Spar has shops in districts and villages (Spar neighborhood) and city (Spar city and Spar city small), at holiday parks (Spar enjoy) and at universities (Spar university) and petrol stations (Spar express). Spar is a supermarket formula, traditionally located in neighborhoods, where convenience for daily shopping is paramount. Over time, Spar focuses with its formulas Spar city, Spar enjoy and Spar express, in addition to local residents to a wider target group, such as passers-by and people who have their working environment there. ‘

(source: Spar)

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