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Completed a few days ago, the ICO of the Avalanche project and its AVAX token was such a success that veterans could feel a little thrill not devoid of an aftertaste of 2017. Between FOMO and deserved success for a project not like the others, the Avalanche project and its new protocol families undoubtedly deserve your interest. And for those who – like your servant – would have pitifully missed the boat because of a flash sale, there remains the possibility of benefiting from an operation organized in a few hours by a mysterious French actor.

A sale in Avalanche mode

Initially scheduled for July 4, then postponed for a week due to an underestimation of the influx of requests, the sale of AVAX tokens was completed in just a few hours. Thus, despite an increase in supply (while drawing on the Foundation’s funds in order to meet demand), it only took a handful of minutes for the various options to find takers (it was possible to obtain AVAXs at a discounted price, on condition of accepting the lock-in from 12 to 18 months).

Regardless, many of the latecomers faced the following disastrous message, sporting the site of one of the most anticipated auctions of recent months:

AVAX tokens will be available and sent to their acquirers when the Avalanche network is launched. A recap will be established on July 22.

Have prospective investors lost all opportunity to acquire the AVAX token as soon as possible, before it sweeps across the crypto world? This is what you might think before a news hit the news: a French actor is about to offer a few tens of thousands of AVAXs to his community in ultra-preview!

The calm before the storm…

Impossible to say more for the moment, the subject being so sensitive that it is evoked only covered words, with accents of conspirators… Want to know more and to discover how a French company will have carried out this tour de force? Stay tuned on Cryptocurrencies!

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