CK * Trends: Sustainable future needs storage power

The realization that humanity has finally decided on a world that is powered by renewable energy sources has meanwhile spread everywhere. However, the way there is only just being built and will therefore bring some exciting developments with it, which will surely continue for several generations of people. And it is precisely this new race for the best technology and the most interesting protagonists that we are addressing in the latest edition of CK * Trends!

One of the decisive components for the fundamental breakthrough of renewable energies – as long as there are still those that are not available everywhere and permanently – is their storability, so that they can be called up anywhere and at any time, but also to increase the amount of energy condense.

Battery systems have existed since humans made electricity usable, but the increasing demands require completely new storage concepts. Some – like lithium-ion batteries – are familiar to us, solid-state batteries are sold as an insider tip, and batteries made from organic materials still sound very futuristic.

Whatever technology prevails, it is a billion dollar market that is just developing. It is all the more exciting – literally – to deal with new technologies, concepts and companies.

With a wink I thought about sticking a sticker on the back of my V8 “We drive electrically at the fun fair“, But of course that’s just foolery. The world is always better off without burning and thus destroying raw materials and the environment, and the teething troubles that accompany every new technology will soon be eradicated.

There are still no large companies in the energy storage sector that have a long and successful history, which is completely normal when a new trend begins to conquer the world. But it is precisely in this early phase that the best investments in the future and thus the highest returns can be made.

In the end, it will most likely not be this one storage system, but depending on the area of ​​application, different concepts will be able to play out their respective advantages.

A hydrogen storage would make little sense on a scooter, while heavy batteries on board a truck or commercial aircraft would be rather annoying. The same applies to the energy supply of single-family houses, industrial plants or entire cities. Different needs require different concepts.

But everyone is united that they are still in their infancy, like the Internet in the 90s or the automobile in the 1920s. Functional, but still decades of development potential – and thus a market of permanent and exponential growth in the early years.

It is also a trend that we should look forward to. We should be happy to welcome anything that reduces overexploitation of the environment and makes the world more life-friendly than it already is. This also includes the quickest possible departure from the errors that these new technologies initially brought with them, such as the scandalous cobalt mining and similar topics.

Therefore, we should try not to ignore this inevitable development, but to help shape it with courage. Promote the positive aspects and contribute to catching the negative excesses as quickly as possible. Everyone where he has the opportunity.

But as always, it is also important that it is not only legitimate, but even advisable to be involved financially in the development of humanity. And the easiest way to do this is through the stock. So let’s look forward to the analyzes by Dr. Eike Wenzel and the companies we have identified for you.

Which companies will be the leading forces here? Eike Wenzel in the current issue made his thoughts.

Best wishes for a successful and, above all, happy time


Dirk Müller

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