Why it makes sense to live for rent

Living on Prenzlauer Berg: a wish, the fulfillment of which can sometimes be a bit complicated
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A couple is too old for the villa and too young for the retirement home. The simplest solution is to sell the house and rent an apartment. Our author explains why this can be an advantage.

EPrivate homes are not only a full-length topic for juniors, but also for seniors. If you notice at 60 or 65 that retirement is just around the corner and that your home has grown a bit because the children have long been over all mountains, you are worried about retirement, and the cuts can be violent in some cases. The professional life is over, the private life still offers opportunities, and the wealth wants to be adapted to the new circumstances. It is also about the question of what should happen to the home: keep, sell or exchange? The thoughts with special attention to the effects on money and soul become clear in the following case.

A sprightly couple, he was a lawyer, she a doctor, wants to know it again at the age of 66 and 65. The two academics quit their professions, but there can be no question of vice and idleness. Children, grandchildren and friends keep the couple busy. But that shouldn’t hide the fact that the couple no longer feel comfortable in the big house in the country.

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