Inflation picked up in June – hairdressers became significantly more expensive

Because of the hygiene requirements for the Corona crisis, visits to the hairdresser in particular became more expensive. But prices for fruit, vegetables and meat also rose in June – the rate of inflation in Germany is rising somewhat.

Inflation in Germany rose slightly in June as corona containment measures eased. Consumer prices rose 0.9 percent on the same month last year, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Tuesday.

In May, the inflation rate, also known as the inflation rate, reached its lowest level in almost four years at 0.6 percent – mainly due to a sharp drop in energy prices in the Corona crisis. Services rose above average by 1.4 percent. The increase in net cold rents (plus 1.4 percent) had a particular impact.

Fruit, meat and visits to the hairdresser became more expensive

After the easing of the corona measures, consumers were again able to use more services. They had to shell out higher prices for the hairdresser and for personal hygiene (plus 5.1 percent) as well as when visiting restaurants, caf├ęs and on the street (plus 2.6 percent).

One reason for this may be the implementation of the hygiene requirements after the reopening in times of the corona pandemic, the statisticians explained. Electricity also rose – by 4.1 percent.

In addition, the price of food rose above average by 4.4 percent. Fruit (plus 11.1 percent) and meat and meat products (plus 8.2 percent) were the most expensive.

The global economic downturn as a result of the corona pandemic has recently depressed the oil price strongly. In June, the prices for heating oil (minus 26.5 percent) and fuels (minus 15.1 percent) in particular fell year-on-year.

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