Daimler: The expectations are exceeded

Daimler’s second-quarter figures are above expectations. EBIT comes to -1.682 billion euros, the market had expected -2.069 billion euros. The individual divisions are also doing better than expected by the market. June in particular proved to be strong. The market is apparently recovering.

Nevertheless, car production this year is likely to be far below the previous year’s figures. The experts at Nord LB expect sales figures of 1.8 million to 2.0 million for Daimler. In 2019, the car manufacturer sold 2.4 million cars.

The analysts believe it is possible for Daimler to consider merging with another automaker these days. It is clear that there will be a consolidation on the market.

As before, analysts have issued a recommendation to hold Daimler shares. So far, the target price was EUR 28.00. In the current study, it rises to EUR 36.00.

Daimler’s shares are now up 4.4 percent to EUR 39.335.

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