Accident after turning – who is liable?

Two cars crash into each other after changing the lane of the vehicle in front. But who is to blame? The district court of Berlin has taken care of such a case and created clarity.

If two cars collide in connection with the lane change of the vehicle in front, the first appearance suggests that he was at fault. The other car’s operational risk is reduced.

This shows a judgment of the district court Berlin, about which the traffic law working group of the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV) reports.

The vehicle in front is liable for changing lanes after turning

In this case, two cars collided after crossing two lanes to the left. However, the exact course of the accident was controversial. In front of the court, the defendant driving ahead said in writing that the accident had still happened at the intersection. However, the plaintiff and witness described that the collision had already occurred in the new street after the turn.

The court assumed that the defendant would change lanes. According to the court, the police accident recording also supported the plaintiff’s accident report. And when two vehicles collide in direct connection with a change of lane by the vehicle in front, the first appearance suggests that the vehicle caused it.

The other car’s operational risk decreased. The defendant driver was fully liable for the damage.

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