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The bitFlyer exchange and the Brave browser sign a partnership to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in Japan.

BitFlyer and Brave partnership to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in Japan

It was by a short press release on Thursday, July 09, 2020 that the partnership was made public. BitFlyer plans to become ” Brave’s privileged interlocutor “. It’s the branch Brave Software Internationale SEZC who will liaise with the exchange platform services. At the moment we know very little about the ins and outs of this partnership. For the little that we know, the deal between bitFlyer, and the Brave browser is mainly based on the confidentiality and the cryptography.

Both parties confirmed that they ” would start by developing a crypto wallet for browser users “. This agreement will make it easier for Brave to profit from the Japanese market, one of the fastest growing cryptoactive markets in the world. Besides its digital currency Basic Attention Token (BAT), note that the Brave browser is compatible with cold wallet services Trezor and Ledger.

The association between Brave and bitFlyer will be based on an extensive campaign whose aim is to further promote cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology among bitFlyer’s customers. BitFlyer said that “ It will be a new opportunity for users to use and earn cryptocurrency. We see it as a new model to show the potential of cryptocurrency. We want people to feel more familiar with cryptocurrency through the partnership with Brave

Brave users may be rewarded in BAT in the near future

The Brave browser is determined to expand into the Japanese market. A month ago, he was already associated with the famous Korean pop group BTS and to Rush Gaming. With this new agreement with Bitlyer, this is an important step that has just been taken.

Considering that navigation is a more or less daily activity, bitFlyer wants to convince its many customers to adopt the Brave browser and take advantage of BAT points offered free of charge by Brave, in place of the traditional BAT.

Indeed, if in other countries, Brave users are rewarded in BAT cryptocurrency, this is not the case in Japan because of the Japanese regulations in force, which do not allow citizens to directly gain currencies that can be exchanged against money. That’s what a spokesperson for Brave hinted: at this point we use points to reward users, but there are certain limits. Thanks to this partnership, we believe that it will become possible to go beyond


Strongly that the partnership between the bitFlyer exchange and the Brave browser changes the game through the development of the announced crypto wallet and allows citizens of the country of the rising sun to become more familiar with cryptocurrencies by gaining BAT in the process. And to find a complete presentation of the bitFlyer platform, it’s here.

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