Legal protection insurance without waiting – how does it work?

Insured persons can generally only claim the benefits of legal protection insurance after a certain period of time after taking out the insurance. But it can also go faster. In which cases legal protection insurance takes effect without waiting.

Disputes with the neighbor or with the employer – you will soon see each other again in court. It can be in the money. Good if you have legal protection insurance that covers a large part of the legal costs. Prerequisite in many cases: Legal protection insurance was taken out before the benefit.

Waiting time serves as protection against purpose closings

Insured persons can often only claim benefits from legal protection insurance after a waiting period of at least three or sometimes even more months. This means that policyholders pay premiums even though they do not yet have insurance cover while waiting. Legal protection insurers want to prevent policyholders from taking out legal protection insurance only when a legal dispute is already emerging.

Legal protection insurance is therefore always to be seen as a kind of pension insurance and not as insurance in the event of damage. But there are also exceptions that depend on the following factors, among others:

  • Which legal area is affected?
  • Is an existing insurance extended?
  • Does the insured change insurance seamlessly?
  • Have you already taken advantage of benefits from an existing legal expenses insurance?

Waiting times for legal expenses insurance

  • Labor law: 3 months
  • Private law: 3 months
  • Tenancy law: 3 months
  • Divorce law: 12 to 36 months

While in labor law issues and in the case of a dispute with the landlord, it usually takes three months for insurance coverage, divorce cases can take up to three years. The following applies: the more likely a legal dispute and the higher the potential costs, the longer the waiting time. But there is also legal protection, which takes effect with the conclusion.

No waiting times with legal expenses insurance

This applies in particular in the following cases:

  • in the case of statutory fixed claims for damages due to personal injury, financial loss and property damage
  • in criminal law if the policyholder acts as a co-plaintiff against the perpetrator in a violent act committed in Germany or if he is charged with a negligent criminal offense
  • in the event of traffic offenses
  • in professional and disciplinary law
  • advice, if the policyholder’s personal family or inheritance law situation changes
  • on the road when a vehicle suddenly experiences defects

Legal protection insurance without waiting – goodwill of the insurer

Legal protection insurance providers often waive the waiting period if the policyholder changes the provider seamlessly and the same risk has already been insured with the previous provider. If, on the other hand, new components are added to the insurance portfolio, waiting times may apply. In some cases, however, the providers also waive the waiting period for new contracts, even though the risk was not previously covered.

It is also worth asking the insurance company about a discount when changing or taking out additional insurance for other modules.

Reduction of waiting times and right to refuse performance

For a surcharge, some insurers also offer a shorter waiting time. This means that the start of the contract is backdated and policyholders pay the premiums retrospectively. With this trick, the waiting time can be shortened or avoided. But here too, insurance coverage only takes effect after the waiting period has ended.

Legal protection insurance without a waiting period does not always apply. The clock is ticking here too. Because the insurer pays attention to exactly when the legal dispute began. He can refuse the benefit if the legal dispute has flared up before the contract is signed and the insurance certificate is handed over.


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