Bitcoin (BTC) Giveaway and Twitter Hack Scam

While it has been hanging around like an apocalypse on Twitter since yesterday, after what could well be an historic hack of the blue bird platform, the Binance platform, one of the victims of the attack, quickly communicated on the event. If the hackers managed to take control of many official accounts, and that in form the objective of the hackers was to divert Bitcoin, the funds of the customers of the exchange for their part have never been compromised, any more as platform security.

Unprecedented Bitcoin Fake Donation Hack

We were already talking about it this morning on Thecointribune, and there is no doubt that we will come back to the event in the coming days, as the events become clearer. It will be recalled, however, for latecomers that from yesterday evening Wednesday July 15 around 9 p.m., Twitter has been the scene of a massive campaign to hack personal accounts.

Gaétan told you the story of this surreal night which saw, at first, the influencer and VIP accounts of the cryptosphere transformed into a platform for promoting a very classic scam called “Doubling Bitcoin”. Then it was exchange platforms – and even the iconic account Bitcoin ! – to be taken by storm, before the pirates attack more traditional financial players in the second half of the evening: Bill gates, Elon Musk, Apple and even Warren Buffett !

Even Warren Buffet gets started!

In short, the most prominent Twitter accounts of the crypto community fell into a sinister noise of dominoes which fall, Twitter does not end up reacting until around 2am, to the relief of an army of community managers and officials security which one can easily imagine how interesting the evening must have been…

In this general shambles, and in accordance with usual exchange policy, Binance quickly communicated in order to reassure his community that the platform was in no way compromised by the current event.

Funds are SAFU

It’s for the occasion, Binance security team who takes the pen and returns to the events of the night in a blog post on the platform.


We note in particular that Binance has already carried out security checks with regard to the addresses that allowed hackers to embezzle funds “Our security team verified that no Binance account / user had sent funds to the hacker’s wallet addresses. The hacker wallets are not associated with Binance, and we have prevented all Binance wallet addresses from depositing assets on the hacker addresses. “

Furthermore, even though it quickly became apparent that the attack was uncorrelated from compromised accounts and linked to flaws in the Twitter platform, Binance investigated to ensure that – cas the expression goes clients’ funds are SAFU : “We have confirmed that this breach in Twitter was not caused by a vulnerability in the platform or by members of the Binance team. “

In addition Binance has also implemented a battery of countermeasures.

Basically the drawbridges are raised and everything is locked with a double turn as the storm passes: “We disconnected all APIs associated with Binance’s Twitter accounts and activated 2FA immediately. We have retrieved our Twitter accounts and are awaiting full access unlocking for all verified accounts on the Twitter platform. We will inform our community as soon as the restoration process is completed. “


For now, the ball is in the court of Twitter in terms of reporting on what made such an industrial disaster possible. On the side of Binance users (and unless you are one of the few naïve people who still believe in crypto Santa Claus who sent BTC to shady addresses last night) you can now relax by watching the course with a detached air. from the action of the multinational to the Bluebird at the opening of the markets.

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