Paion reorganizes Remimazolam collaboration with Cosmo and Acacia

Paion’s US partner Cosmo Pharmaceuticals NV and Acacia Pharma have agreed to transfer the license for Paion’s anesthetic Remimazolam from Cosmo to Acacia. “The terms of the license agreement remain unchanged, but are now between Paion and Acacia, and Cosmo is no longer a party to the agreement.”

The reorganization of the licenses is intended to simplify the relationship between the companies after Remimazolam has received approval in the USA and is to be marketed under the Byfavo trade name. One could interact directly with the Acacia team to support the commercialization in the future, says Paion boss Jim Phillips on Wednesday about the reorganization of the licenses. Acacia previously worked on the basis of a sub-license from Cosmo.

With a 9.09 percent stake, Cosmo Pharmaceuticals remains Paion’s largest single shareholder and is also a shareholder of Acacia.

Read more about the situation at the Aachen company and the other plans in the current 4investors interview with Paion CEO Philips.
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