[NMW] Caroline van Turennout (Zeeman): ‘Our brand strategy is relevant for marketers’

What is your contribution about?

“I tell the backstory of how Zeeman with the long-running campaign ‘Zeeman. It’s how simple it has been and how it has opened the eyes of new customers. “

Why is your session recommended?

“In my presentation, I will not only discuss the cases, because you can also look them up yourself, such as the Effiecase 2018, but also the origin of the brand strategy and monitoring the consistency in the story. That can be relevant for marketers who want to sharpen their brand themselves. “

How is Zeeman getting through the corona crisis?

“It is going very well in the Netherlands. In the other 6 countries where our stores have been closed for weeks due to corona, we are also satisfied with how things are going now. “

In the coming months I will mainly focus on safeguarding the consistency of the Zeeman story and how we can always find new perspectives for this.

What were important corona marketing decisions?

“Our department is also responsible for internal communication, so that was the main focus in the first instance. An internal app was quickly launched and from our CEO Erik-Jan Mares we started bringing video messages to keep everyone involved. We remained clearly visible to our customers. The underwear campaign in May continued, but was recorded from home by our own customers. That worked really well. We also continued to be present in e-mail and social media. We did, however, have to shift the statements surrounding the children’s collection in the countries where the shops were closed. One brand activation has been moved to fall. “

What is the marketing focus for you in the next 5 months and why?

“I mainly focus on monitoring the consistency of the Zeeman story and how we can always find new perspectives for this. In addition, attention for how we can make it easier for people to make a Zeeman purchase in the stores, but also online. “

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