Marc Schussler retires as director of Spotler

With the departure of Schussler (r. In photo), an era ends in which he was the founder, entrepreneur and director of Blinker and MailPlus and later Spotler for more than 16 years. Under his leadership, the developer of email marketing automation software has grown into one of the leading Dutch Email Service Providers (ESP). And now that the company is in better shape than ever despite the corona crisis, it is time to hand over the baton to the incumbent management team. The role of director will be fulfilled by Mark van den Berg (l. On photo)

In 16 years from Blinker and MailPlus to the Spotler Group

Schussler started the company Blinker in 2004, which developed and sold e-mail marketing software under the name MailPlus. In 2012 he founded MailPlus to develop the eponymous software. Blinker focused on the delivery of the software and the provision of email marketing services and consultancy.

After CNBB Venture Partners acquired a majority stake in both companies at the end of 2016, they were merged and continued under the name Spotler Nederland. MailPlus as a product name has also been changed to Spotler after the development of a completely new interface in 2019. Currently, more than 2,000 companies and organizations use the software and send over a billion emails every year.

In recent years, in addition to his focus on expanding Spotler Netherlands, Schussler has worked closely with CNBB. With the aim to grow the Spotler Group, of which Spotler is a part, through various acquisitions at home and abroad into the largest ESP in the Netherlands and to acquire a strong position in the B2B marketing automation market in the United Kingdom.

Confidence in the current management team

Schussler: “I have a lot of confidence in the current Spotler management team. In recent years we have jointly ensured that Spotler Nederland is now in such good shape. They are fully attuned to each other. That gives me the peace and space to slow down in the coming months and start thinking about my future. This is a very pleasant prospect after 20 years of business. ”


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