Bitcoin donation (BTC) scam on Twitter

In the cold and unforgiving world that can be that of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, it is not uncommon to see fraudulent Twitter accounts offering to double your Bitcoins for free. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the most influential Twitters accounts in the domain were hacked? A hacker team has tried the experience for you and this evening of July 15, 2020 will be remembered. Bitcoins, giveaway, influencers and politicians, welcome to the epic of what could be remembered as the greatest hack in the history of social media.

A RoadMap for once respected

As you will see, establishing a hack of such magnitude, spread over several hours, with coordination bordering on perfection, requires having previously planned a specific roadmap, followed scrupulously. TheCointribune you deliver it chronologically.

Step 1: The world of crypto

It all started around 9 p.m. French time, when the Twitter account of Angelo ฿ TC makes known to the world its partnership with the site CryptoForHealth in order to propose a giveway a value of 5000 BTC. This account – obviously patient 0 of the hack – was quickly followed by the crypto exchange account. Gemini brothers Winklevoss.

Gemini's account hacked

Rather ironic even when the famous brothers had tweeted a few minutes earlier the following message:

Tyler Winklevoss' privacy tweet minutes before the hack.
“Worried about your privacy on the Internet?”

It’s only when Twitter’s Kucoin, Bitfinex, Coindesk, Coinbase and other exchanges began to fall under the control of pirates in what gradually appeared to constitute a large-scale campaign, that the community clearly realized that things were serious.

Twitter accounts of crypto exchanges are hacked

As platforms struggled to regain control of their accounts and inform their users that their funds are secure, the hackers changed targets. Why stop there when you can grab the account of influential people in the sector?

Quickly, the Twitter accounts of Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin) as well as those of the TRON Foundation and up to the personal account of Justin Sun himself were hacked in turn.

Tron's account falls

Wishing to strike harder in the symbolism and history of staying consistent, the twitter account Bitcoin also fell in battle.

Bitcoin account also falls

After the site has been taken offline, the hackers realize that their attack is likely to come to an end. They then decide to change their strategy. This is the official account of Ripple who has the privilege of inaugurating this one.

Ripple's account also falls

Shortly thereafter, it’s the application account Cash App who in turn enters this infernal dance.

Cash App Twitter account is also hacked

After more than 1 hour of fierce combat to report to Twitter affected accounts, these are finally recovered. We thought this crypto-centered hack was coming to an end. It was only a warm-up, the worst was yet to come.

Step 2: Leading figures from the world of technology

It is quite common at this time to come across scams using the identity ofElon Musk, we already talked about it here. The surprise was however general when the official account ofElon informed us that he was finally going to realize this crazy dream: a huge distribution of Bitcoin! The soaring stock market You’re here There is probably something to it and to thank its supporters, M.Musk thus organized us its own giveaway.

Elon Musk organizes a giveaway in spite of himself

Bill gates, aware that his fans would soon ask him, took the lead and also proposed his own giveaway.

Bill Gates launches his own giveaway

As the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, also had to finance his own giveaway so as not to lose face in front of his colleagues.

Jeff Bezos also launches a giveaway

I can already hear you say ” No, but we are walking on our heads! We still talk about account at respectively 36.9M, 51.2M and 1.5M of followers. Authority figures in their respective fields. what was Twitter doing at the time?

Well – with a tasty sense of timing – the blue bird chirped proudly on the new functionality they had just implemented on the platform.

Twitter doesn't realize the hack

Following a Tweet by the brothers Winklevoss indicating that the 2FA was well set up on the account Gemini, the thesis of a flaw in theAPI of Twitter begins to spread.

2FA was activated on Gemini's account ...

Alas it was not the only thing to spread …

Step 3: NASDAQ companies

Why stop on such a good way when you can possibly influence the american stock market by recovering the accounts of the most highly rated companies from it? Who would have thought to see one day Apple, Uber and other companies unwittingly promoting a large-scale scam?

Apple is hacked
Uber gets hacked too

Between us, who consults the accounts of large companies? Very few people, so it is much more profitable to turn to world famous personalities …

Step 4: Influencers and politicians

Kanye west was the first to make us taste his generosity before being joined a few hours later by his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West thanks his fans
His wife does the same

Floyd Mayweather, already involved in cases of promotion of fraudulent projects, did not fail to return to the front of the stage by trying to redeem himself from his fans.

Mayweather tries to catch up with her fans.

Wiz Khalifa also worried about his community following the Covid19 episode, offered to help them.

Wiz Khalifa supports his fans

The world of politics was not to be outdone and it is beautiful to see that even once outside the circles of power, the former American presidents remain close to their fellow citizens. Barack Obama, was in fact in favor of a Bitcoin giveaway.

Former President Barack Obama joins the party

Joe Biden, vice-president under his mandate and current presidential candidate, wanted to quickly welcome his initiative.

Joe Biden support

For his part Georges W. Bush, more reserved or may be prey to the onset of senility, tried somehow to follow the movement, between two messages in Spanish.

Former President W. Bush seems to hesitate

The former mayor of New York Mike Bloomberg spontaneously followed suit.

Bloomberg does not hesitate!

And if you find that only American politicians are generous, rest assured: Benjamin Netanyahu, lformer prime minister of israel was also there.

Generosity is everywhere, thank you Netanyahu

But the biggest surprise was to see Warren Buffettalso offer us a Bitcoin giveway. A fervent detractor of it, he even declared that he got rid of the Bitcoin that had been offered to him, proof if any, that you should never believe the financial sharks!

Even Warren Buffet gets started!

0h20 : Twitter finally reacts by informing us that it is aware of the problem.

1h00 : Twitter is carrying out a full analysis of the platform and is suspending verified accounts which will no longer be able to tweet until the problem is resolved.

It will therefore have been necessary almost 3 hours on Twitter to react officially, the or all of the crypto community only took 40 minutes !


At the time of publication, the problem is not yet resolved and the final amount of the damage not yet known even if it already seems to have exceeded 12 BTC (more than 100,000 dollars). The US stock market is still closed and the consequences of this hack on the Twitter business are still unknown. With nearly 83,000 Tweets at the French level, the #Bitcoin topic has risen to the main trends. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still being talked about, not in the best light. If the bluebird will have to report quickly, what will be the impact on the ecosystem and the crypto market? Only the future will tell us.


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