[NMW] Tristan Albersen: ‘My talk is not about psychological theories’

For those you don’t know … who is and what does Tristan Albersen do?
I’m 35 years old, senior commercial operations at Micazu and a marketing fan. I don’t look at the main paths, but what hasn’t been done yet.
My specialism is in email marketing and marketing automation. For everything I make / invent, I have a recipe, namely:

85% database analysis
10% look at what the market is doing
5% gut feeling

What do you think of NMW’s hybrid design?
I like this setup because as a visitor you have more choice in terms of offer. I see it more as one Pink Pop; you really go and see when your artist comes and you buy a ticket for that.

What are you going to talk about during NMW?
I’m going to talk about combining email with data platforms. This is a new and interesting development that makes your marketing even stronger. By using data and smart campaigns, you can ensure that you learn more about the recipient, such as, what phase of the customer journey he is in and what preferences / needs it has. A golden ticket to relevant content, high open rates and increased conversions. In addition, I give a look into Micazu’s kitchen and the results we achieve by combining these two platforms.
I am scheduled for Tuesday 1 September at 3:30 PM in Loods8; save the best for last. ????

Why should everyone come to your talk, especially marketers?
The why can be determined by all marketers, but if you are looking for conviction, I would say, come to me. My talk is not about psychological theories; we marketers are not psychologists but analysts. I want to show marketers what it takes when you switch to a customer data platform. In this talk I show how you grow towards such a system and what you can achieve with it.

And what talk do you recommend to the marketer (besides your own, of course)?
Then I would go for it Rock the Stage! This is how you present with power by Frans Reichardt. Frans is someone who can really show how you as a marketer can make your presentations better. This can also help you with your pitch for customers and / or management.

How did you get through the corona crisis so far?
Good. The crisis has given Micazu the opportunity to accelerate things. We are working hard behind the scenes to set up very cool innovative actions.

Do you have any news?
A lot, but you can hear that on Tuesday 1 September at 15:30 in Loods8 ????

Nima Marketing Week 2020 will take place on September 1, 2 and 3 in DeFabrique in Utrecht. This spaciously designed location offers enough space to receive visitors at 1.5 meters for 6 half-days and thus to properly enforce the RIVM measures. Are you there on September 1 or 3? Several half days or days? Offline or online, both? Register now via

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