First day at work5 picks at the start of a job – and how to avoid them


Arriving at the office completely rushed on the first day doesn’t make a good impression. If you drive the way to the office before the first day of work, it will be easier to estimate the travel time and you will arrive at the office on your first day of work without stress. Preparation is half the battle. In order to avoid embarrassments when starting your job, you should find out in advance how the company is structured. Who are colleagues, superiors and important contacts? What other departments are there and who are the central people there? As far as possible, these questions should be answered before the first working day. You should also have heard the names of the people you will be working with in the future. Maybe there is an associated Xing or LinkedIn profile that you could already use to network?

The right outfit

A feeling for the dress code in the company is only slowly developing. On the morning before the first day in the new company, some are desperately in front of the wardrobe. What is too much, what is too little? The general rule is: rather too chic than too casual. You should follow this rule until you have been able to observe and classify your colleagues’ choice of clothing.


The introductory round is a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues and their tasks in the company. In addition, the greeting can be used to find out whether colleagues in the company speak to you or “you”. It is best to introduce yourself with your first and last name. The response from the new colleagues then usually gives tips on how to address each other in the company. If in doubt, you should ask directly.

Accept invitations

From the beginning, it is important to build up a network in the company. Lunch is the ideal time to get to know your colleagues and the company better. You should not refuse an invitation, especially in the first few weeks at the company. Every opportunity should be taken to gain a better foothold in the company. If you go to the Greeks at lunchtime, you should always come with you, even if you prefer to just eat a roll from the bakery.

Listen and watch

How a company really works can often only be assessed from the inside. Therefore, you should keep your eyes and ears open for the first few weeks and watch closely what is happening around you. Nobody expects you to know from the start how everything works in the company. But the will to learn should be there. Observe how colleagues interact, dress and speak with each other. It can also be a good idea to take notes.

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