Daimler: 43 percent chance

Auto stocks are among the cyclicals, which are not uncommon in times of economic crisis. In addition, there is no doubt that the auto industry is undergoing profound changes. The StayLow warrant on the Daimler share therefore seems worth a closer look.

Speaking of the auto industry. The change from exhaust-gas-intensive drives to low-emission drives, which is necessary due to the climate problem, requires parallel production structures from car manufacturers. This costs money. A lot of money. According to experts, the business with electric cars also puts pressure on the profit margin because the production costs in this phase would be even higher than for conventional vehicles. There is also the pandemic. As Daimler recently announced, Mercedes Benz suffered a 32 percent drop in car sales in Europe in the first half of the year. Worldwide, sales had “only” slumped by 18 percent. Which was mainly due to a rapid market recovery in China. Nevertheless: The sales losses in the wake of the pandemic are immense, no question.

Car sales still weak?

In the coming pandemic months, too, defensive buyer behavior worldwide is likely to be expected when it comes to the purchase of new cars. Especially when the infection process requires further cuts in economic life. Which would mean further cuts in the wallets of consumers. In the short to medium term, we therefore do not expect auto shares in general or Daimler shares in particular to flare up. In terms of chart technology, there are also some resistances. As if there were the multi-month high of February at € 44.88, the June high at € 41.49 as well as the 200-day line, which is currently running at € 40.40, before the pandemic

With a StayLow warrant on Daimler (WKN SR91PG) Risk-taking investors would receive the maximum payment amount of EUR 10.00 if the Daimler share was consistently below the knockout threshold of EUR 46.00 up to and including December 18, 2020. Calculated from the status of the certificate on July 13, 2020 at 7.40 p.m. (ask price 6.98 euros), this would correspond to a price gain of 43 percent. Should the knockout threshold be reached, a total loss of the invested capital would occur. To avoid such a knockout, early and quick exit from this speculative position should therefore be considered if Daimler shares can overcome the multi-month high of EUR 44.80 achieved before the pandemic.

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