Softbank is examining the sale of the chip manufacturer ARM

DHe is studying the Japanese conglomerate Softbank Group to make some or all of his investments in the British computer chip manufacturer ARM. According to reports by the news agency Bloomberg and the newspaper “Wall Street Journal”, the sale of shares to private investors or an IPO are at stake.

So far, Softbank’s founder Masayoshi Son had promised to sell ARM shares for the first time around 2023. Now the Japanese company is considering selling faster. One of Softbank’s top managers, Marcelo Claure, told the Financial Times newspaper that he didn’t expect ARM to go public in the next twelve months. Softbank bought ARM in 2016 for the equivalent of $ 32 billion.

The British company designs semiconductor chips that can be found in most smartphones and in many other devices that are interconnected in the Internet of Things. Son sees ARM as the core of his vision, in which computers and humanity come closer together. A possible interested party in ARM could be the American electronics company Apple, which has announced that it will no longer be equipping its computers with Intel chips, but with its own chips based on the ARM architecture. Just last week, Softbank had removed a part of ARM geared towards software programs and the Internet of Things and transferred it to its own company.

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