[NMW] Roel Stavorinus: ‘My personal mission is to bring marketers and designers closer together’

For those you don’t know … who is and what does Roel Stavorinus do?
I work for creative agencies and for organizations at the intersection of marketing, design and communication. Organizational identity is my great passion. I like to delve into the companies I work for, to come up with a very focused approach that helps the company move forward. The culture of the organization and the behavior of the people in it are essential. In addition to my work, I publish about brand and design. Among others for Marketing Stand, Marketing Facts and Dd, the new magazine of the BNO (Professional Association of Dutch Designers). In my daily practice I notice that marketers and designers “misunderstand” each other. My personal mission is to bring those two closer together.

What do you think of NMW’s hybrid design?
I am sorry that this year’s Nima Marketing Day cannot take place in its original format: one day, with all marketers together, in a festival atmosphere inspired by the visions and experiences of colleagues. But it may just turn out that this new setup is even better. That’s the interesting thing about this time: you have to find new ways to do your thing. This creates new initiatives and insights that would certainly not have existed otherwise. NMW’s reach may increase in the modified design, because part of it takes place online. I am very curious how it will turn out.

What are you going to talk about during NMW? And on which part of the day are you scheduled?
There are many studies that support investing in a brand. But what exactly is that in? I have researched what makes a strong brand a strong brand. I have summarized those results in the Brand Design Path for Growth. Brand Design indeed, because on that path from idea to strong brand, design is an important factor. In my story I take you on the Brand Design Path for Growth and I conclude with a handy tool with which you can examine your brand yourself. I am scheduled on Wednesday, September 2 at 3:30 PM.

Why should everyone come to your talk, especially marketers?
We are all convinced of the importance of “the brand”, but it is very difficult to make concrete which buttons to turn if you want to build a strong brand. I give marketers a handle on the basis of important voices in brand country: Interbrand, Kantar, Mark Ritson, Byron Sharp and Field & Binet. You have to take that handle literally. I think it is important to give something practical that you can use yourself.

What talk do you recommend to the marketer (besides your own of course)?
I am very curious about the story of Caroline van Turennout van Zeeman. Zeeman proves the importance of a strong vision and a long breath. And that results in effect: Zeeman won the Golden Effie of 2018! The story of Corendon’s CornĂ© Hoogendoorn also seems interesting to me. Because how do you as a travel organization deal with this time of corona? I think it is very complicated to choose the right way to do this. And I will definitely listen to the story of Rabobank’s Dorkas Koenen. He has an interesting view of the integral role that marketing can play within organizations. Oh and then I would also like to hear the story of Erwin Eikema van Noordhoff. The publishing house is pure marketing, where everything comes together. It has my special interest. When I graduated I absolutely wanted to work at a publishing house. Marketeer at Wolters-Noordhoff was therefore my first job.

How did you get through the corona crisis so far?
The corona crisis is not so bad for me. I can just do my job and I see my family much more. But I realize that I am privileged. I have a lovely house in a village just below Breda, with a large garden and my own studio. Like everyone, I find video calling tiresome and in some cases downright annoying. For example, during strategic sessions, especially with new customers, I find video bubbles dramatic. You miss so much information that you otherwise get through facial expressions, behavior and attitude. And I miss the impulses I normally get from traveling. A different city, different images and spontaneous events cause me to get oxygen in my head. I wait impatiently when I can plan another trip to London. But a walk through a Dutch city already works wonders.

Do you have any news?
Not yet, but soon. A tip of the veil? Almost every marketer believes that design helps build and sustain sustainable competitive advantage! At least, this is evident from the client survey conducted last year, an initiative of BNO NextPack in collaboration with the Design Management Network and Nima. And yet marketers and designers don’t know where to find each other. We will do something about this with Nima, but I will tell you more about that later!

Nima Marketing Week 2020 will take place on September 1, 2 and 3 in DeFabrique in Utrecht. This spaciously designed location offers enough space to receive visitors at 1.5 meters for 6 half-days and thus to properly enforce the RIVM measures. Are you there on September 1 or 3? Several half days or days? Offline or online, both? Register now via

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