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First things first: what is influencer marketing again? With influencer marketing, a brand or campaign uses people with a lot of reach on their social channels, to generate as much promotion as possible. It is actually a glorified word of mouth that takes place online.

Decades ago, Nike gave sneakers to the coolest kids in the school

Decades ago, Nike gave sneakers to the coolest kids in the school, with the idea that the rest of the boys and girls would want those shoes by themselves. That took place in the schoolyard, nowadays the playing field has been moved to social media. Influencers inspire their followers with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Because followers increasingly see these influential people on social media as idols, they have the power to activate those fans.

Monica Geuze and Tanrevel

There are now countless examples of brands that achieve success with influencer marketing. Think, for example, of spray tan Tanrevel, which early influencer hired Monica Geuze for a campaign. Monica started as a vlog star on YouTube, but has now become a well-oiled marketing machine. In addition to successful collaborations, for example in which she gives her opinion about a product in an Instagram post, she recently launched an IGTV video for the Swedish Tanrevel, which has set its sights on the Dutch market. She gained no less than 500,000 thousand views with the video in which she extensively tested the complete product for six minutes and gave her (positive) final assessment. In addition to the thousands of views, there was also a dialogue in the posts section below the video, and Monica’s followers are now fully activated to purchase the product. An example of a successful collaboration.

FHM500 & Tabac

A brand that cleverly uses influencers in their strategy is FHM – For Him Magazine – with its annual FHM500-campaign. The FHM500 are the 500 most beautiful women in the Netherlands, according to FHM and its readers. The list is determined by voting on the website, editorial choice and voting via social media. The women who are shortlisted for a place in the magazine all get a profile on, after which they can call on their followers to vote for them to get higher in the ranking. The result is that countless influencers do their best for a nice spot in the magazine with the 500 most beautiful women in the Netherlands. But you always have boss over boss. When the loyal Dumpert community got wind of the election, the rocket with Sylvana IJsselmuiden in the cockpit was unstoppable. There was a fanatic vote with a result as a result. The great thing about this case is that campaign partner Tabac Fragrances branding wise also reaps the benefits. After all, the women have to share a photo of their voting page, in which a watermark of the logo of FHM500 and Tabac Fragrances is prominently displayed. All free publicity for the male care brand.

You can only buy the magazine if you buy a Tabac product

The collaboration between FHM and Tabac even goes so far that you can only buy the magazine when you buy a Tabac product. Win-win situation: combining super valuable branding for your brand with conversion. Final score: a sold-out circulation and 6 million reached consumers.

Magnum and Moët & Chandon

In addition to using influencers on social media, it is also a hit to combine influencers and an event. Think for example of Magnum and Moët & Chandon. Each year – not this year – both brands organize their own event in Amsterdam, inviting a whole bunch of influencers. They provide a unique experience, cool acts and of course there is an unlimited presence of the product. You can’t turn your ass around before a bottle of Moët or Magnum ice cream is up for grabs, which influencers love to fill their Instagram Stories with. These events ensure that everyone is captivated by the brand for 24 hours, and even weeks later event guests still post photos with the hashtags associated with the brand. Branding wise, this is very strong.

Match with your brand

Everything stands or falls with choosing the right face for the brand. When you scroll through your Instagram feed you will see that there are now thousands of people who call themselves influencers and have quite a follower base. It is very important to really let the influencer act as an ambassador and to prevent the followers from getting it thrown down their throats like an ordinary advertisement. They quickly see through that. It is therefore important that the influencer embraces and supports the product.
When your brand matches the right person with the message, this can be a huge positive boost for your brand awareness. If you also find the combination with the product, you can buy conversion and you are really winning. Influencers are sometimes reviled and reviled, they are here to stay. They have acquired an important position in the media landscape. If you use them correctly as a brand, you can only benefit from it.

Geerjanne Bronkhorst is Head of On Demand Content at Towel Media and influencer marketing specialist.


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