Bitcoin (BTC) July 14, 2020

A tombstone with your BTC addresses engraved on it: it would make a RIP stone stylish! Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $ 9,242 today, July 14, 2020, at the time of writing. The discussion around 10 000 USD still animates the Bitcoinsphere: myth or reality? Technical analyzes show that the bulls should now try to impose their game on a timeframe shorter, to push the BTC to new heights.

Here lies Mr 10,000 USD with his BTC

We’re a little bored in the Bitcoinsphere with a Bitcoin who definitely can’t get out of the $ 9,000 – $ 10,000 zone.

To set the mood a little, Peter schiff decided to publish and comment on the results of a recent HODling poll from BTC.

Les BTC HODlers are ready to take their Bitcoins in their grave, if the BTC did not exceed the 10,000 USD mark.

Beyond this caricatured image, the cult of hodling is a practice adopted by a large number of Bitcoiners: 61% of BTC have not moved for 1 year, while the recent survey by Chainalysis shows that 60% of holders of Bitcoins, have never traded 75% of their tokens.

When will a real day conquest by bulls begin?

Technical indicators over a period of 5 hours, show the existence of a selling pressure compressing the price of Bitcoin in the short term.

Daily indicators locate the BTC in a neutral zone while the indicators over a longer time period – weekly and monthly – place Bitcoin in a strong shopping area.

Bitcoin so always stay bullish over relatively long periods; however, bulls find it difficult to impose their race on a daily perspective, thereby preventing any lasting push from the BTC around 10,000 USD.

Today’s day is slightly bearish, the bulls were able to defend the support at 9,200 USD, with a Bitcoin who made brief forays below this level.


The glory day of BTC has not yet arrived and, it is probably not yet for tomorrow! One day will come Schiff will withdraw its claims on Bitcoin but, the bulls must for the moment put their mark on trading at 1 day to transform this dream into reality.

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