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You can submit a case for the GPCM20 until Tuesday 8 September. The presentation will take place on Tuesday November 24, location to be determined. Anja Corbijn is the jury chairperson in the Non Profit & Government Awards category, see all other jury chairpersons here.

What has been the biggest development in content marketing country in the past year?

In a negative sense, the disappearance of many events to which a lot of content is always linked. In a positive sense, webinars and podcasts have boomed. I think the podcast is most on the way to maturing, especially in B2B. I also personally believe in the comeback of the QR code.

What is the major challenge for content marketers right now?

Money! In the first reaction to corona, the budget was locked at large companies and institutions. And while it is more important than ever to keep in touch in any way. If you can deal with that creatively, you offer enormous added value.

What is a misunderstanding about content marketing?

That only what you measure counts. Many goals you achieve with content marketing cannot be measured immediately, such as continuity, trust and the power of repetition. It is also not always the case that you have to immediately delete the item that it is only read or viewed. Afterwards it sometimes turns out that you learned the most from your stupidest teacher.

What is the secret of a good submission?

A good submission has little ego – ‘look fantastic at us’ – and a lot of focus on the message and the recipient. And it is clear why certain choices were made. Especially nice if lessons have been learned and adjustments have been made during the process or production. I also like it when something that has never been done in a particular field or industry has been chosen, for example applying fiction in a business story or something very business in a creative setting.

What would you like to give agencies / brands that are hesitant to submit?

Participation forces you to formulate very well why and how you did something. Seeing what it cost can be confrontational, but also educational. The latter also helps the entire industry; by now we know that creating something good and beautiful is not free and it helps to create a benchmark. Last but not least, it is also very cool to win!

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