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Find out in this guide where and how to use your CB for Ethereum

Various payment methods are offered on exchange platforms when purchasing cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH). Payment by credit card is one of them, and it is even the best known. Many users choose this solution for its practicality. Through the best platforms, we invite you to discover in this article how to buy your first Ethers, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum project, with a CB. And don’t forget that if you want to know more about the Ethereum network, you can consult our article.


Buy Ethereum (ETH) on the eToro site

eToro is a good platform for investing in Ethereum

eToro is a well-known trading platform. It allows you to invest in many markets, such as raw materials, the clues or even cryptocurrencies. For the latter, the platform offers 16, including Ethereum.

Create an account on eToro

Before you start trading on eToro, you must first register on the platform.

Registration on eToro has become even simpler

To do this, go to the home page of the platform and click on one of the calls-to-action of the page (“Join now”, “Start now”). You will then be redirected to the registration page. The platform will then ask you for some information:

  • A username to define ;
  • Your email ;
  • A password to define.

In addition, you will have to tick two boxes. The first indicates that you accept the Terms of Service of the platform as well as the Disclosure of Risks, while the second concerns the privacy policy and the Cookies policy. Take the time to read them before accepting them.

Once all the information has been entered, click on “Create an account”. You will then receive an email to your email address containing a link to click to validate your account.

advice : Remember to create a complicated password to avoid having your account stolen.

Deposit funds

By default, the bank card will be the payment method chosen to buy Ethereum (ETH) on eToro

First of all, know that with eToro, you must first fund your account before you can buy Ethereum. For that, you have to do what is called a “Deposit of funds”. It’s simply a matter of crediting your account balance and then using it to purchase your ETH tokens. Once connected to your account, start your deposit by clicking on the blue box “Deposit funds”. Then enter your amount, choose ” Credit card “ for the payment method, then enter your bank details before clicking on “Submit”.

Regarding your deposit of funds on eToro, note two things:

  • Trading on the platform can only be done by US dollar (USD). Thus, by making a deposit in euros (EUR), this implies conversion fees. So, the amount you will have to pay is in the gray box next to the amount you have entered;
  • The platform does not accept an amount below $ 200 for your first deposit. This represents approximately € 190.

Open an order to buy ETH

Once these two steps have been completed, you can order your cryptocurrency on the eToro platform.

Start by researching Ethereum. To do this, click on “Markets”, then on “Crypto”. Ethereum being one of the largest cryptocurrencies, you will find no harm in finding it. Otherwise, you can use the search bar by typing “Ethereum” or “ETH”.

Go to the cryptocurrencies page or use the search bar

By clicking on the cryptocurrency, you will find yourself on the dedicated page. You can in particular consult the evolution of its course or even “Latest information”, which correspond to the latest publications of users of the platform concerning cryptocurrency.

Use the four tabs to learn more about cryptocurrency

To buy your ETH tokens, click on “Invest”, enter your amount, and finish with “Open position”.

Investing in Ethereum on eToro

Use your bank card on Coinbase

Coinbase is a suitable platform for beginners in cryptocurrencies

As you move through the world of cryptocurrencies, you will hear about Coinbase. It’s about a very intuitive shopping platform which allows you to buy, sell and store ETH securely. Ideal for beginners, this platform has an essential interface.

To know : By creating your account on Coinbase, you also have access to Coinbase Pro, which is a version of Coinbase for slightly more experienced traders.

Register on Coinbase

To open an account on the site, you must first go to the home page of the platform. Then click on “Start”.

Note that to benefit from $ 10 welcome for $ 100 purchase Bitcoin and crypto on Coinbase, you can go through this link.

Creating an account on Coinbase is fast

Your main name, first name and email address are among the main information requested. Also, you must set password and click the box indicating that you are major and that you accept the User Agreement as well as privacy policy. Remember to read them before checking the box.

Little reminder : In order to avoid any risk of hacking, your password created when registering with Coinbase must be fairly complex.

Account security on Coinbase

For security reasons, but also to respect the regulations of the country where its headquarters are located, Coinbase will ask you for Further information before giving you the right to start trading. You will need to add your phone number that you will need to validate using a confirmation code that you will receive on your mobile phone. This is double factor authentication.


Entering your phone on Coinbase is mandatory

Similarly, the platform applies the KYC regulations, which consists of having information about the users of the platform. On Coinbase, you will not be able to trade anonymously! So she will ask you for additional information about you (surname, first name, income, why you use Coinbase, etc.) and prove your identity by sending a copy of your identity card or passport.

To note : Find out more about the KYC, click here.

Buy Ethereum

After validating your account, you can start trading. First, add a payment method to your account by going to the platform settings. You can then add your bank card.

You can also go to the cryptocurrency page before buying it

Then go to the page ” Buy Sell “. In the section “Purchase”, select Ethereum (ETH). Then enter your amount, then choose the CB as payment. You will see the equivalent in ETH. Confirm the transaction and voila.

Buy Ethereum on Binance

Binance is THE exchange platform of the moment

Binance is a exchange platform that continues to evolve. Originally designed only for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, it now allows the purchase of ETH (as well as some other cryptocurrencies) by CB.

Register on Binance

Registration on Binance is very fast

Go to the site and click on “Register”. The Binance account creation page then asks you to enter your email address as well as to define a password. You must also confirm that you have more than 18 years old and that you agree to respect the conditions of use of the platform.

As for eToro and Coinbase, the platform will send you a link by email to validate your registration.

Buy ETH on Binance with your credit card

To buy ETH with your credit card on this platform, you have two choices: Pay directly or make a deposit.

To pay directly, go to “Buy cryptos”, then click “Credit / Debit Card”. Choose your currency and the amount, then the cryptocurrency you want to buy. By default, the payment method will be the VISA bank card. Then click on “Buy ETH”.

Remember to change the currency to buy

To make a deposit, go to ” Wallet “ then click on “Spot Portfolio”. Go to the game “Deposit” then select the section “Fiat”. Choose the bank card for your payment method, then enter your amount.

Making a deposit will leave your money in your account

Once done, you can buy your ETH tokens by going to “Buy cryptos” then by clicking on “Cash Balance”. You just have to enter your amount, choose Ethereum and click on “Buy ETH”.

You can see how many euros you have left in the last box

To note : You will need to verify your identity to trade with a Fiat currency on Binance. This can be done in the game ” Security “ which you can find by hovering your cursor over the little guy.

What should you remember to buy Ethereum with a bank card?

In summary, Coinbase is on the list of purchasing platforms for purchasing the most Ethereum simply possible. As for the site eToro, it offers buyers several ways to secure operations that they perform. Binance also gives the possibility of doubling the security of your account, in particular through the use of Google Authenticator.

Other platforms allow you to buy Ethereum by bank card like LocalCryptos, Bitbay or KuCoin. So do not hesitate to look at the operation of several platforms and make your opinion on them.

Our tips for buying Ethereum by credit card

Whether you choose to buy Ethereum with a CB or other payment method, we recommend that you study the price carefully and choose your investment strategy carefully. It will always be better to wait for the end of a down period to invest.

Depending on the strategy you adopt, you can either make a long-term investment in this currency or target only short-term profit. Visit our site to follow the ETH course live.

Before making your first exchange, be sure to choose from the many platforms available on the market. The site reputation is one of the main elements and criteria to take into account. Indeed, it is important to read the user reviews on forums. Before any purchase, it is also necessary to be well informed about the transaction, deposit and withdrawal fees.

Reminder : The vast majority of trading platforms require identity verification in order to make deposits and withdrawals. Make sure you have the necessary identity documents up to date and available in digital format.


Platforms like Coinbase and eToro are popular with beginners because they are easy to use. The procedures to be followed everywhere remain more or less the same. After having registered on the site of your choice and having submitted some personal data to it, you must go through the verification of your identity and the selection of your means of payment, that is to say the credit card. Then you can deposit money in the currency you choose. When investing in cryptocurrencies, you have to be careful about any price upsets. To prepare for that of Ethereum, you can consult this analysis.



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