Dipstick corona: ‘Companies are now choosing online events much faster’

Schröder has noticed that there are companies that do not know exactly where to start when they “convert” a real life event into a virtual one. Of course, a physical event is very different from an online event and you cannot translate it one-to-one. Creating a strong virtual event probably takes as much time as a physical event. You are dealing with other variables, but that there are many variables in an online event is certain.

Video company Quadia sees a huge increase in the number of webinars and online events during corona times

1. What is your status with regard to the corona crisis?

“We have been extremely busy organizing online events from the beginning of the crisis. From small to large. Digitization has gone into fourth gear by COVID-19. Since the announcement of the intelligent lockdown, we have helped many organizations with the organization of webinars, virtual meetings and full online events, including exhibition floor and break-out sessions. It was busier than ever, but we are actually not shocked by the changing circumstances, because we already have so much experience when it comes to online events. So we got through this period well and are happy that we were able to scale up quickly with our parent company United by our side. “

2. Do you see notable customer shifts and why?

“Yes, we see a) that there are customers who never did anything online and are now discovering it for the first time and b) existing customers who were already digitally minded are now making a big step in their digitization. Because companies have seen the benefits of digital events in recent months, I notice that they now go much faster for an online event, where they previously chose physical events. Our estimate is that digitization has accelerated by three years in three / four months. Fortunately, there are now more than enough resources to meet virtually. Imagine this happened twenty years ago? My expectation is that online – but especially hybrid events (combination of physical and online) will increase, because everyone has now seen that an event certainly does not have to be physical. “

My expectation is that online, but especially hybrid events (combination of physical and online) will increase, because everyone has now seen that an event does not have to be physical

3. Have you developed any initiatives yourself to get customers / clients / colleagues through this crisis?

“We have provided our online streaming services with extra options, so that speakers can also give a professional presentation from their home workplace. For example, we worked with an accessible solution in HD quality that gives us full control over the connections and allows us to switch remotely between slides and camera. Our clients could also organize interactive virtual meetings during the crisis without the moderators and guests having to leave the house. “

4. What do you currently see as the biggest challenge for marketers, especially with regard to the corona crisis of course?

“The challenges can differ per market segment, but one thing is clear: organizing large (international) physical events is now a lot more difficult because, of course, distance has to be kept. In addition, it will remain a logistical challenge for the time being because not everyone is ready to travel and we do not know how long it takes for people to feel comfortable in massive settings (events) at all. This means that everything has to be converted to online. For some organizations, that is really a difference of day and night. Other companies have already done this. It takes some getting used to, especially for the first group. You cannot translate a physical event 1-on-1 into an online event. You may not need to consider parking spaces for your visitors, but you should, for example, ask yourself how best to communicate with your target audience and how to answer visitors’ questions the easiest and fastest. Because other things have to happen you may also need other people, probably a different focus and certainly different partners. You have to have the right knowledge and equipment in house and to get it differently. “

Online is here to stay and that is why it is better for a company to develop a successful online formula that can be used more often, with or without a corona crisis

5. What do you think the world of advertising and marketing will look like in 5 months’ time?

“I expect that we will continue to do more online, not only because we now have to keep a half meter away, but because the objections that were previously mentioned about going online have turned out to be better. At the same time, there are more benefits than expected. For example, it was thought that the emergence of a virtual event is less than that of a physical event, but nothing could be further from the truth. I notice that people tend to dial up for a virtual event because they no longer have to calculate travel time (which also makes it cheaper). In addition, it is easier, for example, to let various (international) experts have their say during your event, because they can simply dial in from home. Also saves costs. Online is here to stay and that is why it is better for a company to develop a successful online formula that can be used more often, with or without a corona crisis. I do expect that there will always be a need for physical contact and therefore physical events. But we can clearly see that these worlds have grown closer to each other. “

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