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Large-scale partnerships are constantly emerging among companies offering blockchain-based services, as evidenced by the latest agreement concluded by Hdac. The company supported by the automobile giant Hyundai has just finalized its partnership with Certik. It is one of the largest blockchain auditing firms, which is recommended and approved by the main industry platforms. This agreement has moreover come into being thanks to the execution of an audit mission on behalf of its current partner. Explanations.

Friday validation as a catalyst for partnership

Friday is the temporary name given to the main network of Hdac whose commissioning will influence the decentralized applications industry according to its developers. It introduces in a blockchain based on PoS (Proof of Stake) proposing a solution to famous trilemma blockchain on the Dapps ecosystem, IoT industry services, and payment services.

Hdac Friday

For the record, conceptualized by Ethereum’s dad Vitalik Buterin, the blockchain trilemma materializes the difficulty of reconciling security, adaptability and decentralization within the same architecture, insist on one of the 3 aspects which tend to weaken the other 2.

The audit on the design and implementation of the code of this network was also carried out by CertiK. She thus proceeded to network function, performance, security and recoverability inspections which it validated the implementation.


The option of a partnership with Hdac was therefore approved by the audit firm and its formalization made public on June 26. To this end, Connie Ngo – the marketing director of CertiKExplain : “Because of the future plans of Hdac, we decided it would make sense to formally partner with each other, as a public promise of Hdac’s focus on security and a symbol of CertiK’s ability to support larger enterprise solutions like those of Hdac

Ronghui Gu joins the Hdac board of directors

The appearance of the latter in the list of members of the board will strengthen the partnership between the two companies since this is the co-founder of CertiK. The declaration of the formalization of the agreement specifies that Ronghui Gu will have to share and provide information to build safer ecosystems for the benefit of Hdac. Recall that he is an assistant professor of computer science at the Columbia University Institute for Data Science, of which he is also a member.

A graduate of Yale, he participated in the design and development of CertiKOS but also to the creation of the start-up CertiK. The latter takes care in particular of systems verification that focuses on creating smart contracts and reliable blockchain ecosystems. The company has already supplied as part of its activities audit services to renowned companies such as Huobi, Binance and OKEx.


The partnership that has just been signed between the two companies should make it possible to reinvent the security standards of products developed on blockchains. Hdac thus has a major ally for the realization and promotion of its future projects.


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