Prosecutors are also investigating suspected money laundering

New suspicion against Wirecard: employees of the Dax group are said to have laundered money, the prosecutor suspects. So far, she has been investigating the insolvent company for fraud and falsification of the balance sheet.

In the scandal surrounding the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard, the Munich public prosecutor is also investigating suspected money laundering. “We are investigating suspected money laundering against company officials and unknowns,” a law enforcement spokeswoman said Thursday.

The public prosecutor’s office is reviewing a number of relevant reports from the current and from the previous year. A Wirecard spokeswoman declined to comment.

Wirecard: Authorities investigate worldwide

Wirecard collapsed in June after uncovering a balance sheet hole of EUR 1.9 billion. The public prosecutor is investigating fraud, balance sheet forgery and market manipulation against the resigned CEO Markus Braun and other managers. Authorities worldwide are investigating suspected various financial crimes in the Wirecard area, including in the United States, Singapore and the Philippines.

On Wednesday, it was announced that US authorities were investigating a possible involvement by Wirecards in a $ 100 million case of bank fraud involving marijuana trafficking. According to the report, two business people, together with payment processors, have misled US banks about the origin of the money in order to go unnoticed against violating trade bans. Two insiders confirmed a corresponding report by the “Wall Street Journal”.

In the past, there have been repeated allegations against Wirecard that have also moved the share price violently. In Germany, financial supervision Bafin and the public prosecutor’s office saw for a long time only indications of market manipulation by outsiders.

Already in 2010 there was suspicion of money laundering

The Munich District Court then ruled in two cases, however, that there was insufficient evidence to support this. According to the Munich public prosecutor, an investigation against investors and journalists on suspicion of market manipulation is still ongoing.

In 2010 and 2015, Munich prosecutors targeted Wirecard for suspected money laundering. An extensive investigation was closed in 2012 after two years due to a lack of suspicion, said a spokeswoman.

In another trial, the Munich investigators searched Wirecard offices on behalf of the United States in 2015. What became of this process is not known. The Munich refer to a responsibility of the US Department of Justice. The ministry declined to comment.

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