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After a controversial launch, the inescapable John Macafee’s Ghost Coin has just taken a big step in the process of its adoption. Indeed, it will now be possible to use it as a payment solution in certain ATMs in Hong Kong. Altcoin notably obtained this visibility thanks to a partnership with the ivendPay payment system.

Ghost Coin usable in more than 60 ATMs across Hong Kong

GHOST was launched to offer better protection of users’ privacy in accordance with the will of John McAfee. The announcement of its use as a means of payment was made last weekend by a tweet from @GhostbyMcAfee. “When we launched the first version of GHOST, our vision was not only to focus on privacy, but also on user adoption. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with ivendPay to deploy GHOST as payment method in more than 60 ATMs across Hong Kong.

Spectral altcoin can therefore be used to buy goods, something that will be possible in the heart of Disneyland in Hong Kong.

A controversial project against a backdrop of plagiarism

It is important to remember that – so as not to change when it comes to anything loan or far John McAfee – the project was involved in a controversy, the developers of PIVX claiming that the white paper Ghost had been plagiarized from a PIVX white paper from 2018.

Later, McAfee who himself admitted the facts, said he was ready to continue open-source defamation protocol. “PIVX is trying to pretend that its source code is in the public domain, but that the description of how it works (the White Paper) is not” he tweeted to justify his decision. A threat that did not worry PIVX representatives as they explained to Cointelegraph. They were reminded in particular that PIVX could not be prosecuted because it is not a legal entity, and no person has any particular property over it or its development.


While waiting to see if the British-American entrepreneur will follow through on his approach, we can nevertheless congratulate ourselves on the lip of the action taken to promote the adoption of the Ghost Coin. Let us hope for the latter that this dark affair of plagiarism does not come to hamper the success of this partnership.


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