BillionairesThese are the richest Europeans

“Forbes” counted 234 billionaires worldwide this year. That was ten less than in 2019. Overall, just over half of the billionaires were “poorer” than in the previous list. This was in line with the general trend. It was all the more remarkable that the total wealth of the richest women on earth did not shrink. Rather, according to the business magazine, it increased by $ 29.4 billion to $ 927.4 billion.

The 19 newcomers played a part in this. Two of them shot up into the top 10: Mackenzie Bezos, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Julia Koch. After the death of her husband David Koch in August 2019, she inherited 42 percent of the oil and chemical consortium Koch Industries with her three children. The two new billionaires alone accounted for $ 74.2 billion. That corresponded to eight percent of the total wealth of all billionaires.

Richest women: Little women founders

The analysts counted 67 self-made women this year (2019: 68). The majority of the super-rich women owe their assets to an inheritance or a divorce. But that doesn’t mean that these billionaires haven’t earned their wealth. The fourth richest woman in the world was instrumental in the success of her ex-husband. Other heirs have been successfully running their family business for decades or are the supreme moral authority over their company empire.

With a view to the list of the richest men, one thing is clear: the world urgently needs more female founders. This also applies to Europe.

These are the richest women on the continent


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