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The new Daimler looks like a Tesla

All operations of the vehicle can be controlled using the MBUX system via the 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen. Photo: Mercedes Benz

Greetings from Tesla: The new Mercedes S-Class celebrates its premiere in September. Now details of the interior are leaked, which strongly remind of the Californian competition.

Stuttgart – Is this a Tesla with a Mercedes star? Knobs out, tablet in: With the new S-Class, which celebrates its premiere in September, Daimler has really saved money this time. Not in terms of price or luxury – 27 switches were saved in the cockpit. The vehicle, which is often used as a chauffeur car, comes with up to three touch screens for the rear passengers and an XXL upright display between the driver and front passenger.

Cockpit is reminiscent of Model S.

All the vehicle controls can be controlled using the MBUX system via the 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen – and it replaces almost all buttons and the manual controller. The tablet in portrait format is strongly reminiscent of Tesla’s screens, which have been part of the model S for several years. As Mercedes-Benz announced, the new S-Class can be fully personalized. The car can be accessed by means of a pin code, face and voice recognition or fingerprint.

In the second row, passengers can also operate functions such as temperature control, music and even navigation and share them on other screens. There is also a tablet in the armrest, which can be operated if necessary – for example when the passenger is lying on the seats.


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