Kapsch: Build up positions

Kapsch generated sales of EUR 731.2 million in the past financial year (previous year: EUR 737.8 million). EBIT decreased from +57.0 million euros to -39.0 million euros.

Despite these figures, FMR analysts see opportunities again at Kapsch in the medium term. Critical projects have ended, the negative aspects should be priced in. There can be impetus from the European Green Deal, which will entail high investments. There is also still strong growth in the United States.

Accordingly, the analysts recommend that positions in the share be rebuilt. So far there has been a recommendation to hold the title, in today’s analysis a buy recommendation is given. However, the target price drops from EUR 20.50 to EUR 20.00.

It cannot be ruled out that the pandemic will postpone projects. The experts expect sales of EUR 709.5 million and EBIT of EUR 15.0 million for the current financial year. For the coming financial year, the estimates are 766.8 million euros and 28.8 million euros, respectively.

Kapsch shares lose 0.3 percent to EUR 17.25.

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