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CareerThese are the most popular employers for young professionals

The approval rate for Daimler and the Mercedes-Benz brand fell by 1.72 percentage points to 9.14 percent. So it went down one place in the ranking. That doesn’t sound dramatic. However, no employer has lost as much in absolute numbers as the Stuttgart-based carmaker. imago images / Lackovic

The corona crisis worries young people about the future – but often only temporarily. “The willingness to change among young academics fell so drastically in March and April that one has to speak of a real fear reaction,” the market research company Trendence stated. By mid-June, however, this had changed remarkably quickly. Many candidates are therefore looking a little more positively into the future and are definitely looking for new employers. The enthusiasm with the companies seems to be limited among the youngsters.

Almost one in four is dissatisfied with the company

According to its own statements, Trendence asked over 19,000 young professionals between October 2019 and March 2020 about their preferred employers and career plans. Academics with a maximum of 15 years of professional experience were allowed to participate. According to the study, more than three out of four (77 percent) of those surveyed were satisfied with their current employer. But two years ago, almost 84 percent of them could say that. “The most frequently cited reasons for the burgeoning dissatisfaction are poor management style, too low a salary and too little appreciation from colleagues,” said Trendence.

Many junior staff should therefore be motivated to look for a new job. According to Trendence, 13 percent of those surveyed were again actively looking for a job in May (six percentage points less than in February). However, approval ratings have also dropped for most potential employers. The minus was particularly clear in the automotive industry, which traditionally attracts a particularly large number of young academics.

According to the survey, most young professionals would prefer to work at these companies

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