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It has just recently entered the TRAVALA travel platform; Cardano (ADA) may soon enter Coinbase. The company has put on track projects that should increase the adoption rate of ADA: big funding but also, a good dose of creativity.

Cardano looking for users

Nearly 10,000 Internet users attended the recent virtual conference of Cardano ; the company that oversees the development ofADA, IOHK, continues its momentum by increasing the number of announcements.

One of them announces a ADA soon listed on Coinbase. A company spokesperson interviewed on the subject said that with the recent launch of the new suite of APIs and bookstores, Adrestria, Cardano collaborated closely with numerous exchanges and, the next developments around these partnerships will be announced in the course of 2020.

IOHK proceeded in parallel with the launch of a venture capital fund, cFund, in partnership with Wave Financial Group : cFund is intended to encourage the adoption of blockchain platformsIOHK by the initial financing of start-ups in the amount of USD 250,000 to USD 500,000. The two companies have committed to pay $ 10 million.

Recreating the fiat experience for ADA

Cardano has another major project involving the development of a chip that could be used as part of the supply chain traceability, especially in the luxury industry.

The founder of Cardano, Charles hoskinson, says that the use of the chip will not be limited to the luxury industry, the chip could be used in the agricultural sector in the countries of the South.

Hoskinson offers a system developed around the blockchain which would not require an Internet connection for theAfrica, where only 2% of farmers have a smartphone: the transfer of tokens and private keys would be done via the chip, creating a similar experience with fiat currencies.


Cardano continues to conquer new users by searching for them on travel platforms, on Coinbase and in Africa. Connectivity issues on the African continent are apparently not seen as an obstacle to the extension of the ADA but, rather, as a positive constraint which is a source of innovation.


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