bunq supports new music talent

bunq has (un) heard. the single “When the sky turns blue again” was released, a joint project of four established singers and four new (un) heard. talents. The song is sung by DO, Lisa Loïs, Jennie Lena and Numidia with new talents KOOSJE, Marle Thomson, LÉVI and Jessy Yasmeen. “Uniqueness is so important,” says singer DO. “I think it’s fantastic that (un) heard. there is to offer that space to talents. I want to commit myself to that. “

After the release of the single, each artist will give a mini home concert. These concerts can be watched as a stream every Friday from July 10 on the YouTube channel of the artists themselves. bunq gives the mini concerts practical and financial support and will also stream it on its own YouTube channel.

bunq has just been set up to remove barriers and barriers. We love independent people who try to find their own way.

Common Goals crowdfunding

In addition to the joint initiative for the single and the home concerts, bunq has heard (un). included in his new crowdfunding initiative Common Goals. Via the website and via bunq V3, the new bunq app, users can set up a Common Goal at any time to collect money for a self-chosen cause and easily share this common charity with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Users will be kept up to date on a daily basis through the app about the amount raised and the amount that the entire bunq community has donated to all common goals.

Ali Niknam (see photo above), founder and CEO of bunq, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with (un) heard .: “bunq has just been established to remove barriers and barriers. We love independent people who try to find their own way. We are happy to support them in this and we know that the bunq community shares that love of independence and freedom with us. The support for independent artists, who have always had to compete against the established order and who have an extra hard time today, fits perfectly with the way we are in the world. “


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