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Should you invest in Bitcoin (BTC) – I’m serious ? Silly question you would say to me but, at some point, being a fan is good, being rational is better! Dan Held brings his point of view on Bitcoin, a man who has experienced ups and downs with the fluctuations of the price of the dean of cryptos.

Held your Bitcoins!

The person responsible for the development of the activities of Kraken, Dan Held, explained in a recent interview, the reasons which led him to believe in 1 Bitcoin to $ 1 million – he’s not the only one predicting it.

Dan Held from the Kraken platform

Held has been an active member of the crypto community since 2013. Some people often hear about the famous volatility of Bitcoin, Held he paid for it: the net worth of his assets decreased by 80% three times.

He therefore advises investors to correctly assess the potential risks borne by their portfolios.

A Bitcoin volatile, this is the game (which is worth the big green candlesticks?)! Held keep an unshakable faith in Bitcoin and says it will one day become a gold-like hoarding asset.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin is expected to explode and could even reach $ 100,000 billion in its final stages, once every Bitcoins undermined. As such, a million dollar Bitcoin seems most reasonable to him.

Blockchain: Bitcoin preserve!

Held revealed that Bitcoin would represent 90% of its portfolio. He is one of the few members of the cryptosphere to dare to publicly denigrate altcoins.

Satoshi Nakamoto he specifically designed blockchain technology for Bitcoin : This technology requires many compromises that make it unusable and ineffective in other areas.

Logically, the altcoins, whose Ethereum (ETH), have no reason to be; despite the abundance of projects around altcoins, Held remains convinced that there is as yet no tangible proof of the suitability of the blockchain for other sectors; he supports the idea of ​​a Bitcoin who would embody the alpha and the Omega of the sector.


A cryptosphere without Bitcoin: a paradigm break that simply cannot happen? And if altcoins did not exist, could Bitcoin still succeed without its caddies? Bitcoin at $ 1 million or not: and if it was not the most important?


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