Wirecard share: What’s going on here suddenly in the afternoon?

The Wirecard share is playing again: The share price of the insolvent group from Aschheim is currently going up noticeably again – at least from the previous day’s low of EUR 2.03. Wirecard’s share price has just surpassed the 2.50 euros and is reducing the minus compared to yesterday’s XETRA closing price. The reason for the sudden profits are newly emerging bankruptcy gamblers after Wirecard’s insolvency administrator has apparently commented on the status of possible sales of parts of the group.

As can be heard, more than 100 prospective customers have now signed up for various parts of the insolvent company. The most advanced is said to be the possible sale of the North American activities. In the meantime, there is also an official statement from the provisional insolvency administrator confirming this information.

Update from 4:40 pm: “After signing a confidentiality agreement, potential investors will soon be able to find information in newly set up, virtual data rooms and begin the due diligence checks. The aim is to find timely investor solutions in the interest of creditors, employees and customers, ”said the bankruptcy administrator Jaffé – remarkable, but it is also anything but astonishing that the shareholders are not mentioned here. It should have been clear for some time that the shareholders in the insolvency proceedings of the over-indebted and illiquid company will go away empty-handed and that bankruptcy gamblers like this afternoon have no sustainable basis. Financial details related to potential sales are not disclosed.


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