Makro opts for a more brand-driven approach

Throw takes a closer look at the new campaign and customer journey that is being deployed. Kim van der Pal recently spoke from an office perspective about the new campaign direction in this interview. Jurjen Worp views the case as a client and brand strategist.

‘De Makro wants to try to sell more with a less page folder, through a more brand-driven approach. We will also be advertising more above the line, ‘he summarizes his mission. Due to the current pandemic, he also notices at Makro that digitization is accelerating and that helps. The wholesaler, which has also been open to people without a ‘pass’ for several months, will also focus more on food. ‘We have 71 fresh fish, a lot of meat, huge fruit and vegetable departments in Amsterdam … few people know that. Moreover, catering will become our spearhead at the end of 2020 and next year. An adapted customer journey should accelerate this development. “
Jurjen Worp (photo) has been Head of Brand & Communication at Makro Nederland since September 2019, where he keeps the marketing department running with 25 employees.

Before that, he was an independent consultant specializing in marketing, retail and communication. He previously stood out as Marketing & Communication Manager at Coop Supermarkten headquarters. ‘I supervised the transformation there to the current cooperative image. For Coop’s “Together you make the difference” campaign, I brought all internal and external stakeholders together and let them work together. The result is spectacular sales growth that has hardly occurred in the supermarket landscape. ‘ You don’t realize something like this without special attention to improving the customer journey, Worp realizes once again, now at the Makro.

Customers are addressed via personal offers based on purchase data via the Makro customer card (which everyone scans upon entry and checkout, ed.) And the theme campaign, where the journey always starts. The aim is to mobilize customers all year round outside peak times such as Christmas and Easter. In the store itself, the customer journey will lead more logically to the food departments, perhaps also through new entrances. Throw: ‘We have large stores ranging from twelve to 15,000 square meters. Through a better customer journey you can let customers spend more, if you scan your pass you will already receive a series of offers especially for you. ‘

The Makro must clearly offer an advantage over the supermarkets. With better offers, the storetraffic goes up and once you choose the Makro, you buy a lot, is the idea. The ‘Do it big’ campaign, made with the Candid Group, makes the new marketing ambitions of the Makro visible now, says Worp. The course towards brand-driven entrepreneurship has started at full speed.

Do it big. Do it Makro.
‘At Makro we go for big. For volume and quality. A great offer. From a gigantic range – with 60,000 solid products – to great advantage. With a flexible delivery service, the best fresh and seasonal products and a lot of specialists, where you can go with all your questions about meat, fish, wine and vegetables. Whatever we do, we do it big. In this way we are there for all entrepreneurs and we make a major contribution to the success of Horeca Nederland. ‘

‘Since 1 January 1998, Makro has been part of the German listed Metro AG, an internationally oriented trade and service group. The company has approximately 227,000 employees and has more than 2,200 points of sale in 32 countries. In 2014/15, Metro realized a turnover of € 59.2 billion. Within Metro AG, Makro Nederland falls under the Metro Cash & Carry sales division. Metro Cash & Carry has more than 750 branches in 25 countries. With more than 105,000 employees, the company achieved worldwide sales of nearly € 30 billion in 2016/17. About 5,000 employees work at Makro in the Netherlands, of which about 300 are at Makro headquarters. ‘
(source: Makro / Metro AG)

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