DEAG share – hot situation: chances of bottoming out – chart analysis

As an entertainment group, DEAG in Berlin is one of the companies on the stock exchange that has been hardest hit by the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic. The company’s share price has not yet recovered sustainably after the corona crash from EUR 6.38 to EUR 2.70 at the end of April. An interim upward movement ended at a chart-technical resistance zone at 3.80 / 3.89 euros, since then the profits have been almost completely lost again. On Monday, the DEAG share again reached EUR 2.90, the low of this downward movement on the one hand, and the broad technical support zone, which has built up around the Corona crash low, on the other.

This makes the situation interesting from a countercyclical point of view, especially since DEAG’s share price has stabilized at EUR 2.90 / 2.93 over the course of the week so far, and yesterday it was trading well above the daily high of EUR 3.12. Current indications on Wednesday morning are listed at 3.08 / 3.12 euros and thus just confirm the price level reached yesterday.

While there is broad and strong technical support for the DEAG share in the zone at EUR 2.70 / 2.90, the DEAG share still has to generate pro-cyclical buy signals for a better starting position. The zone between 3.17 / 3.24 euros and 3.33 / 3.40 euros offers various technical resistance marks beyond which DEAG’s share price must go in order to further shift the situation in favor of the bulls. If this succeeds, there could be a further attempt at 3.80 / 3.89 euros – then with chances that bottoming out could also be completed by a stable buy signal at this resistor. The 200-day line is currently not far away at 4.11 euros.

Important technical data on the DEAG share:

Last share price: 3.12 euros (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 3.01 euros / 3.77 euros
EMA 20: 3.39 euros
EMA 50: 3.41 euros
EMA 200: 4.11 euros

At a glance – chart and news: DEAG Deutsche Entertainment

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