CPNB Foundation is moving as part of a new course

At her New Year’s speech, CPNB’s director Eveline Aendekerk announced that she was looking for other housing.

This is necessary to reduce operating costs and ensure the continued existence of the CPNB. Decreasing income caused by the corona crisis accelerated the decision to terminate the lease, partly because almost all employees have been working from home for the most part for three months and will have to continue to do so for the time being. New housing is not only a huge cost saving, but also gives new energy. The building on the Herengracht, which was actually too large in recent years, no longer fits the look of the CPNB that now wants to put ‘the reader first’ and thus wants to cooperate in a transparent and creative way with all partners within and outside the field of reading promotion. .

A working environment that fits the CPNB in ​​2020. Where we do our best to find new successful ways to make people buy and borrow more books

Eveline Aendekerk: “That colleagues immediately shouted ‘yeaaah go!’ During the Zoom meeting in which I announced the final move of the CPNB,” confirms that we were really ready for something new. A working environment that suits the CPNB in ​​2020. Where we do our best to find new successful ways to make people buy and borrow more books. Full of energy, creative, open and transparent. Not on our own from an ivory tower, but really together with anyone who wants to contribute in any way to the necessary reading promotion. We already took that path last year and we underline this move. But let me not worry about it: the move was really necessary financially and it is a pity to have to leave the beautiful historic building, which was so fantastically filled with books. It is not a fat spot to promote books and we can use any help! “

Over the years, the CPNB has collected many (children’s) books on the Herengracht. Unfortunately, not all of them can move. Of course we ensure that these get a nice new destination. We focus in particular on the (young) readers who are normally less likely to come into contact with books.

From August 1, 2020, the address of the CPNB Foundation is:

Overtoom 197-4

1054 HT Amsterdam

They can still be reached by telephone at:

020 – 626 49 71


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