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CICA-Ré reaction to the article on legal assignment

The Director General of the Joint Reinsurance Company of the CIMA Member States (CICA-RE) Jean Baptiste N. Kouame, surrounded by his collaborators during the opening of the Cica-Ré agency in Tunis.

Following our article entitled “CIMA zone insurance: legal transfer in favor of CICA-Ré against coronavirus “, we received the following reaction from the general management of Cica-Ré which we publish in full.

CICA-Ré reaction, July 7, 2020.

We read with great surprise, the article which appeared in your newspaper of July 5, 2020 entitled: “CIMA zone insurance: legal assignment in favor of Cica-Ré against coronavirus”. The General Management of the joint reinsurance company of the CIMA member states (CICA-Ré) wishes to strongly protest to Financial Afrik about the totally and willfully unbalanced, unilateral and oriented character of this article under the pen of Mr. Adama Wade.

For the good information of your readers, it would have been necessary, as the ethics of your trade recommends, it seems to us, also to collect the position of CICA-Ré on this file.

At no time was the general management or the company’s communications department contacted for this purpose.

In view of the foregoing, we reserve the right to revert to the subject in order to identify the numerous infringements contained in the article and supported by people who curiously wished to remain anonymous.

Editorial response

The article in question was based on the documented exploitation of exchanges between the parties involved in the case, including, in fact, Cica-Ré. We remain willing to respectfully publish the subsequent reactions of Cica-Ré and of any interested party in the matter while maintaining the fact, supporting evidence (and this is the ethics of our business), that insurance companies, in particular the Ivorian and Gabonese markets, are hostile to the first and last franc to the said measure.


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