Top earnersThe highest paid athletes in Europe

The corona crisis also affects top athletes. But some suffer more than others. The pandemic paved the way for a new number one on the list of the highest paid athletes in the world. Not only the athlete himself is new at the top. His sport has never made it to first place either.

“Forbes” has been investigating how much the world’s 100 highest paid athletes make since 1990. Their total income was nine percent below the previous year in the current ranking. The top athletes earned a total of $ 3.6 billion from June 2019 to June 2020. Salaries, bonuses, prize money, advertising contracts, performance fees and royalties were taken into account.

The 100 highest paid athletes came from 21 countries and ten sports. Basketball players from the USA dominate the list. The new number one comes from Europe and also a European NBA star is at the forefront. Only women are sought in vain among the top earners on the continent. Worldwide, only two athletes have made it into the top 100.

These are the top earners among Europe’s athletes

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